Notes from the Porch: The Lyme and Cancer Updates

In March of 2013 after seeing over 273 doctors, traveling across the United States to be seen by some of the top "specialists" and being inaccurately diagnosed with a myriad of diseases I was correctly and accurately diagnosed with Advanced Late Stage Lyme Disease. Within three months I was also diagnosed with aggressive Skin Cancer. The "Notes from the Porch" health updates were created to keep friends and family updated on my personal health journey. Listed below are the all of the "Notes from the Porch" posts. You can simply click on the link which will take you to that specific blog post. Blog posts are listed with the newest posts at the top. Many of you coming to this page have consistently and faithfully prayed for me for years. Words can't express my gratitude at your kindness and faithfulness throughout this journey. May you be blessed abundantly by the Lord. (Psalm 115:15)

(December 2020) Eighty-Five: Christmas Encouragement
(August 2020) Eighty-Four: Back to Teaching!!!
(July 2020) Eighty-Three: We are Moving
(June 2020) Eighty-Two: Walking and Running
(February 2020) Eighty-One: Prayers for Another Surgery
(January 2020) Eighty: Surgery
(August 2019) Seventy-Nine: A New Job Adventure
(March 2019) Seventy-Eight: 730 Days Later
(March 2019) Seventy-Seven: A Personal Update & Hello Treatment Round #7
(February 2019) Seventy-Six: California Doctors Appointment
(February 2019) Seventy-Five: A Full Circle Music Moment
(August 2018) Seventy-Four: The Dance of Healing
(June 2018) Seventy-Three: "Courtney the Portney" Turns TWO
(June 2018) Seventy-Two: Slow and Steady... Encouragement for the Slow Steps of Healing
(May 2018) Seventy-One: The Earrings
(April 2018) Seventy:Cancer FREE
(March 2018) Sixty-Nine: The Tiffany & Co Necklace - Almost 6 years later
(March 2018) Sixty-Eight: 366 Days Later
(January 2018) Sixty-Seven: A Beautiful Full Circle Day
(August 2017) Sixty-Six: Open Up Our Eyes, Surround Us With Your Light...
(July 2017) Sixty-Five: An Exciting Update
(June 2017) Sixty-Four: "Courtney the Portney" Turns ONE
(May 2017) Sixty-Three: Treatment Round #4 Complete
(April 2017) Sixty-Two: Healing and Recovering From Surgery
(March 2017) Sixty-One: Requesting Prayer and an Upcoming Surgery
(February 2017) Sixty: Hard is Not the Absence of His Goodness
(December 2016) Fifty-Nine: Update on Treatment Round #4
(December 2016) Fifty-Eight: Asking for Prayer
(November 2016) Fifty-Seven: A New Season and Stage in the Lyme Journey
(October 2016) Fifty-Six: Starting the Fifth Fall
(September 2016) Fifty-Five: Asking for Prayer
(August 2016) Fifty-Four: Treatment Round #3 Update
(August 2016) Fifty-Three: Treatment Round #3 Begins
(August 2016) Fifty-Two: A Personal Health Update & The Start of Treatment Round #3
(June 2016) Fifty-One: A Note of Thanks
(June 2016) Fifty: Tomorrow
(June 2016) Forty-Nine: The God Who Meets Us in Faraway Places
(April 2016) Forty-Eight: The Fourth Spring
(March 2016) Forty-Seven: Climbing Another Mountain
(February 2016) Forty- Six: Grateful, Humbling, Emotional, and Exciting News
(December 2014) Forty-five: A Health Update
(November 2014) Forty-four: The Start of Something New
(October 2015) Forty-Three: A Humble Thank you
(October 2015): Prayers for this Week
(October 2015): A Quick Update
(September 2015) Forty-One: Plans and Decisions for the Fall
(September 2015) Forty: The God of Love
(August 2015) Thirty-Nine: Prayers Needed
(August 2015) Thirty-Eight: Month 2 of Treatment Round 1 Done
(July 2015) Thirty-Seven: Month 1 of Treatment Round 1 Done
(June 2015) Thirty-Six: A Huge and Humble Thank You
(June 2015) Thirty-Five: Prayers for the Upcoming Weeks
(May 2015) Thirty-Four: The Third Spring
(April 2015) Thirty-Three: Wasted Time
(March 2015) Thirty-Two: Prayers for Wisdom
(March 2015) Thirty-One: An Unplanned ER Trip
(February 2015) Thirty: Fragments of Shattered Dreams
(January 2015) Twenty-Nine: Climbing My Mountain Step by Step
(November 2014) Twenty-Eight: A November Update
(October 2014) Twenty-Seven: October Prayer Requests
(September 2014) Twenty-Six: Starting the Third Fall
(September 2014) Twenty-Five: Prayers for Wisdom
(August 2014) Twenty-Four: A Sudden and Drastic Treatment Plan Change
(July 2014) Twenty-Three: An Update, Praises, and Prayer Requests
(June 2014) Twenty-Two: A New Summer Plan
(June 2014) Twenty-One: A Mini-Update
(May 2014) Twenty: Through the Roof
(May 2014) Nineteen: The Lord Will See To It
(April 2014) Eighteen: A Voice in the Wind
(March 2014) Seventeen: Good News
(March 2014) Sixteen: California Appointment Update and Plan
(February 2014) Fifteen: An Update
(February 2014) Fourteen: A New Direction
(January 2014) Thirteen: The Journey Continues
(December 2013) Twelve: An Update
(December 2013) Eleven: The Letters
(November 2013) Ten: Have You Not Known? Have You Not Heard?
(October 2013) Nine: Eight Year Anniversary
(October 2013) Eight: Rebecca's Run
(October 2013) Seven: A Grateful Thank You for 8 hours on the 8th
(October 2013) Six: 11 More Days Till Rebecca's Run
(September 2013) Five: An Update
(September 2013) Four: I'm Doing Fine... Getting Better Everyday
(August 2013) Three: An Update and an Exciting Announcement
(August 2013) Two: Notes from the Porch Two
(July 2013) One: The Beginning of Notes from the Porch

Prior to Starting the "Notes from the Porch" updates I had several posts about my health which can be found here:

(August 2013) Those that the American Church Has Forgotten

(May 2013) A Humble Thank You
(May 2013) The Second Week of California
(May 2013) The Second Week of California (Part 1)
(May 2013) California Week 2
(May 2013) The Day I Learned I Had Cancer
(May 2013) California Week
(April 2013) The Beginning of California Part Two
(April 2013) The Beginning of California 
(April 2013) A Huge and Humble Thank You
(April 2013) A Diagnosis Update and Treatment Plan
(March 2013) A Diagnosis and Thank You