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How to Support a Loved One with Chronic Illness

pixabay In order to support friends or family members with chronic illness, you need to make an effort to understand their situation. It’s also important to be responsive yet realistic about the support you can provide. Communication is key and ensure your friend or family member knows you are there for them, but in…

The Benefits of Taking Milk Baths

Photo by Kristina Nor from Pexels Taking care of your skin should always be a priority. The fact is that if you have a busy schedule it can become difficult to find the time to take care of your skin. However, no matter how busy you become you will need to take the time to cleanse yourself. Those moments should be s…

Four Style Tips For Travellers

Photo by Lum3n from Pexels It often pays to look at least smart when you’re traveling. In many places, it’s taken as a sign of respect and much appreciated. The challenge is making sure you can “dress the part” on any occasion without weighing yourself down. With that in mind, here are four tips. Buy your clothes with…

Leaving on a Virginia Road Trip

Happy Saturday dear friends! I can't believe it... today we leave on a beautiful adventure and an amazing few days for a once-in-a-lifetime road trip throughout parts of Virginia. I am so   grateful for each of the companies that I will be working and collaborating with on this trip who have made this possible, es…

HUGE SALE at December Caravan Shop- One Day Only!

YES! You read that correctly! The 2020 one day only sale at December Caravan is TODAY! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas season from the  December Caravan Shop  y'all! TODAY ONLY everything in the shop is 70% off!!! Thank you so much for all of your support of my shops over the years and I hope that you truly e…

7 Things You Must See When You Visit Old Town Colmar in the Winter // Colmar, France

Happy Friday friends! Today I am excited to re-share a post about one of my favorite stops along our Rhine River Cruise that we took in 2017  on Viking River Cruise!  I have shared often  that our visit to Colmar, France was one of our favorite stops for a variety of reasons! (I have shared  a brief history of the…

Getting The Self-Care You Need

When it comes to looking after your health, there’s no measure too far to make sure you’re feeling your best. Everyone knows that a balanced diet and a long and consistent amount of sleep is great for you, but is that all you can do to look after yourself? Well, there are a lot of methods that aren’t talked about so m…