Notes from the Porch {nine}: Eight Year Anniversary!

October 25, 2013

As I write these words I am laying in bed and marveling at the beauty of today, the bright blue sky, and the gorgeous fall breeze that is gently wafting through my open window. And i am also in quiet awe at ALL that the Lord has done AND the beautiful reminder that today brings that the Lord is our Healer. 

The Healer.

For those of you who have read my story of my battle with Endometriosis eight years ago then you know that today is a very precious day. Today marks EIGHT years of being Endo free. 

Eight years. 

Years that no one believed would be even possible. Years that I was told (before surgery)to give up and believe the worst about. Years that I was told (at the time) that I should "accept" that God would not heal and that I would be left with crippling pain. Pain that did not allow me to have a "normal" life in any sense of the word at 25 years old. 

And here on the other side... at eight years I look back with humble tears at all that the Lord has done. Years that the Lord has beautifully redeemed and that have held such joyful moments, beautiful unconditional love of family and dear friends, and the beautiful reminder that the Lord is the GREAT healer. 

As I remember with joy what the Lord did on this day eight years ago, I rest in the beautiful knowledge that the Lord is the Great Healer not only for Endo but for Lymes & Cancer. What a beautiful gift the Lord has given me in having experienced one healing already. This journey, unlike Endo, has proven to be much longer than the previous health journey. Sometimes I cry out to the Lord in the middle of the night "when Lord will healing come??". 

But He is never late. 

Today reminds me on this long journey that the Lord is constantly at work no matter how long we have cried out to Him for answers. The Lord has brought to mind this beautiful  passage of Hope to me this week and I pray that it will encourage you to keep holding on to His cloak each minute, each hour, of everyday. 

As I move forward with the humble gratitude and thankfulness of what God did eight years ago, I look forward with anticipation to see how He will heal and work this time. I rejoice in what He has already done and peacefully rest in His absolute goodness. I look forward to rejoicing in the future and rest in the knowledge that His healing will not be overdue by a SINGLE day. 

Dear friends as you rest in Him and are waiting and crying out to the Lord for different things in your lives: physical healing, spiritual renewal, a marriage to be restored, the baby that you have longed for, the spouse that you are longing for, whatever it is... know that the Lord is working. He is working slowly, steadily, and SURELY to bring His perfect will to fruition in your life. 

DO NOT DESPAIR sweet friend. He is coming. And He WILL answer. And His timing will not be overdue by a single day!

Happy 8 year Anniversary!


  1. wow Amen!! He is never late!!! happy 8 year anniv!!

  2. He is SO good all the time, and His plan is perfect, even if we don't see it right away. Amen and congratulations on your eight year anniversary! WOW!!! What an incredibly story and healing he has given you! XD

  3. LOVE this verse! Thank you so much for posting today. God is never late and ALWAYS good!