Hi, i'm Rebecca. I am an English girl at heart, My heart sings when I dance, I love the outdoors, I love thrifting & making something pretty out of nothing. I am a writer, I adore music, I love cooking, I carry a book everywhere with me, I am passionate about education, history, making our world a better place. Wanna know more? Click the button below!
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walking and running

A couple of years ago my precious daddy snapped this picture of me running as he wept. For my dad who fought for my life so hard it was a priceless moment and beyond that a miracle... speechless and amazing to think that 6 years prior to this picture/moment he needed to carry me out of my bed in order for me to le…

Six Smart Ways To Start Your Day

There is nothing worse than starting the day in a bad mood. It can affect everyone you speak to and everything you say when you wake up upset or angry or stressed. The morning you have should start well, and the best way to do that is to learn how you can add a little flavor to your day . With the right beginning, y…

Ways to Deal with Appetite Loss as You Get Older

Image credit It is not uncommon for older adults to experience a decline in their appetite. However, the fact that it’s normal does not mean you should ignore it. Older people need to be well-nourished, it will keep them healthy and strong enough to recover from any medical condition they encounter. There are…

5 Apps To Take On Your Next Roadtrip

pexels Summer is the best time for a fun-filled road trip, and there are plenty of beautiful destinations to choose from. As you’re planning your trip, keep these five applications in mind. All of these offer a range of great features to ensure that your road trip runs smoothly. 1 . Roadtrippers Ro…

5 Mindfulness Tips to Channel Your Inner Zen

pixabay Set your mind on a positive path this summer and learn to breeze through the stress of returning to work. Mindfulness is all about being aware, taking your time, and finding inner peace. It’s a practice that can easily be adapted to everyday life and any situation.  This year has been challenging and…

Five Tips For Healthy Aging

Does anyone really enjoy the fact that they will get old? Probably not. However, aging is a privilege and if we are lucky enough to do it, we should all embrace the wrinkles that come with it. The thing is, there are two ways to age: healthily and not-so-healthily . Those who sit in the second camp are often those w…