Hi, i'm Rebecca. I am an English girl at heart, My heart sings when I dance, I love the outdoors, I love thrifting & making something pretty out of nothing. I am a writer, I adore music, I love cooking, I carry a book everywhere with me, I am passionate about education, history, making our world a better place. Wanna know more? Click the button below!
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April Book, TV, and Movie Review

Happy Thursday friends! It is hard to believe that we are at the last day of April! In some ways the days seem to move so slowly, and then other times it feels like they fly by. Today I am so excited to share my book, movie, and TV review with y'all for April! Before I start though- if you have any suggestions…

Tips To Look After Yourself In The Workplace

Your workplace is supposed to be a safe space and that responsibility is something that’s shared between you and your colleagues but predominantly by your employer. It’s important you are doing your bit to ensure that you are kept safe and that your health is a priority. And if it isn’t, then you have the ability to…

The Firing Line: Do You Have To Put Yourself In Danger For Your Job?

( Image Source ) There are a lot of dangerous jobs in the world. Some involve going up to high places, while others will have you working around strong chemicals, and there are loads of other examples of roles which can present natural risks. Of course, along with this, you also often get roles which can have …

When Will We Able To Travel Again?

If you love traveling, the world may seem a little dreary right now. There are numerous restrictions in place that currently make traveling near to impossible. Even traveling between different states could be problematic because there are currently different lockdown rules depending on where you are. The question on…

No Cavity - What's Causing My Toothache?

Toothaches can take you by surprise when you least expect it. You wake up one morning, and everything feels sore. Unfortunately, toothaches can creep up on you so that by the time you notice, it’s already too painful! The first and most common thought is to check for cavities. However, when you can spot a hole in th…

5 Stress Relief Activities You Can Do At Home

pixabay Sometimes doing nothing can be worse for your stress levels and particularly in these unprecedented times, it can be hard to find motivation. Many people are dealing with anxiety and worry right now and it’s important not to let this stress take over. With almost everybody stuck at home, it’s tricky to…