Notes from the Porch: the second week of california two

May 8, 2013

Today I wanted to share a few photographs of the past several days. There are LOTS of more pictures coming ~ these are just a few from my phone (sorry in advance for the poor quality of some of them). In the next few days I look forward to sharing more pictures of Michelle's visit (which was SUCH a blessing!)!

Michelle arrived late Friday morning and we had a delightful time eating a very relaxed lunch and then sitting and resting by the pool for the afternoon. In the early evening we drove the short distance to Balboa Island and enjoyed a beautiful sunset!
After we got ready on Saturday morning we drove to get a fruit (and veggie for Michelle *smiles*) smoothie before heading to Disneyland for a couple of hours.
I will share more in the next couple of days about this but the tickets were an incredible gift from some friends for a wonderful "distraction" of "sick world". My energy and health did not allow us the opportunity to go throughout the whole park but we enjoyed visiting a couple of rides in Fantasyland and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride!
On Sunday morning Michelle headed to church while I slept in the morning and then we spent Sunday relaxing as I was pretty exhausted from the day before. I took a several hour nap in the afternoon and then we drove the short distance to Newport Beach. While I didn't feel well enough to walk all of the way to the water I was so happy that Michelle got to enjoy the ocean up close and I was just so thrilled to be near the ocean!
Monday morning I started a pretty intense week of therapies (which I have had to alter some as today my body as decided to take a temporary "crash").
The comfy chairs, the sweet nurses, and lots of warm packs do help the IV treatments!
Thank you so much again for ALL of the lovely messages that you have sent, the sweet emails, and the countless prayers that you are praying on my behalf. I am so thankful for each of you!


  1. What a great visit you had! Disney looks so fun. I've been to the World, but never the Land. Someday. :-) Continued prayers for your full recovery. One day at a time. Stay strong.

  2. Praying for you, friend! Glad you had a good visit and some nice distraction!
    Megan C

  3. Friends are the best! I'm so glad yours is with you for the the start of this journey. The ocean looks beautiful! Thinking of you girlie :) prayers your way!

  4. Great pics! I need to visit a beach STAT.