Notes from the Porch (twenty): through the roof

May 30, 2014

I think that I say this every time that I have a "Notes from the Porch" update, but while the days can seem long sometimes (due to pain) in this journey the weeks seem to fly by. How in the world has it been two weeks since my last update? *smiles*

I want to thank each of you again for all of your continued prayers in this long journey. A verse that has become such a "mantra" for me these past couple of months (and especially the last couple of weeks) has been from psalm 126:5.
I wanted to take a few moments today to just give a few updates and continue to ask for some specific prayers. 

(one) My "gut" continues to be the source of incredible pain and discomfort due to the Lyme Disease, environmental illness, leaky gut, and inflammation after so many years and issues. EVERYTHING seems to "aggravate" it and these past two weeks have been incredibly painful (more similar to last year). As I continue to follow a very strict regime of supplements, medications, essential oils, detox baths, herbs, etc. I would covet your prayers that this pain would cease. It is extremely exhausting, is the source of countless tears, and in addition is very preventative in moving forward as quickly as we would like. PLEASE join us in praying for relief. Thank you!

(two) I continue to ask for prayer for finances that I am still needing for the summer costs. I am so appreciative of the donations that have come in these past two weeks and can't begin to express my thanks. I am so humbled as I know that many of you have given again, again, and again in so many different ways. Thank you so much and thank you for your kindness in this journey. If you would like to donate you can click here:

(three) If we are connected on instagram then you know that this is the week of transition for me. This week has been spent with finalized doctors appointments, packing, finishing Etsy orders, last minute bloodwork, more doctors appointments, and finishing the last oxygen treatments. It has also been a time of saying goodbye and thanking those that have been such an incredible help throughout the last eight months. I wanted to do something "tangible" for several people and went about making a thank you gifts for some and purchasing several succulents (and covering them with wonderful twine!). (I was so grateful for a sweet friend who sent me a gift card to Krogers when she heard what I wanted to do so that I could purchase the succulents! Thank you so much "K"!!) I loved working on "sprucing" them up with twine!

(four) My family and I will leave for upstate New York on Sunday and we would covet prayers for safety as we travel and for health for my fragile body. The two-day (twenty some hour) car trip can be especially difficult on me and with the stomach pain that I have been having I am a little apprehensive about the trip. As I shared my mom is retiring to help me and so we will be in upstate New York for approximately four months and this will allow me to receive a variety of different treatments. 

(five) I am starting (again for a second try) the environmental illness medicine that the doctor has me on today. As always, we covet prayer for this to work and for me to have no serious side affects.

Thank you so much for ALL of your prayers, support, and love during this journey. I was re-reading recently two stories from scripture of people who were ill coming to Jesus. In one, it was a woman who had bled for many years and scripture says that she spent all of her money getting well and no one could help her. In the other it was a man who was seriously ill and his friends lowered him through the roof to Jesus. For a long time in this journey I have felt that I could relate to the woman more than the man. The desperate cries for help, the tears that I have cried alone begging the Lord for healing and a reduction of pain, and the feeling and knowledge that I only need one little touch by the greatest Healer to get well are all emotions that I imagine the woman in the Bible felt as she desperately pushed through the crowds. But over the last year and months, weeks and days I have been struck by another beautiful picture. While physically I am not being lowered through the roof, I am constantly being brought to Jesus by your prayers and love. I can't tell you how many times I text so many of you asking for immediate prayer and you always graciously and lovingly respond. I can't tell you how many times I have opened up my email, my facebook messages, listened to my voice mails, opened mail, etc. to find beautiful words filled with love and prayers reminding me that so many people are constantly bringing me before Jesus. Thank you so much dear friends. This journey has been WAY longer than I ever would have imagined or desired and your love in "lowering" me through the roof to Jesus is the greatest blessing. 

Thank you!

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