seven years later...hello college teaching

June 13, 2022

caravan sonnet

It is with gratitude, humility, and tears of joy that I am overwhelmed to share a dream has come full circle on an incredibly special day. I am honored to share that I have accepted an Adjunct Lecturer position at a University! I will be teaching a Freshman US National Politics course and on Friday I signed the paperwork. 

To be at this stage of healing is a gift that leaves me speechless...especially when at one point I had doctors from some of the most well-known medical clinics/hospitals in the world telling me there was no hope for life, walking again or eating normally (without a feeding tube) let alone that I would never be able to return to a school again in a teaching position. (One doctor called this dream "ridiculous in thinking".)
caravan sonnet
7 years ago on Friday (2nd pic) I started the "official beginning of treatment round 1" (as I "affectionately" termed it). I wasn't strong enough physically for #nicthepicc (PICC line) or #courtneytheportney (my Port)...and so I did the most intense 20 week treatment of a combination of meds plus daily shots (with my mom giving me a separate 4x a week shot that was BRUTAL). 7 years ago...I fought to make it through each day...and Friday was truly a full circle moment. I promptly wept as I walked out of the HR office on Friday...humbled at all that took place 7 years ago and in the years that followed ...and on Friday.
I also humbly remember so many of you who have been walking this journey with me for 10 incredibly long years. It may be me with happy tears, but to each of you who have faithfully prayed over the years, stood by me & my family in this journey, to the nurses at UVM - "Courtney" & I weep with gratitude, to those who have donated money to various go fund me campaigns over the years, to the letters, emails, texts, & "just the right" words at the right time, the list is never ending & to each of my doctors ...& to my main medical team all of y'all - I love you...Dr.J... I am indebted forever for you helping save my life. Thank you. (*crying*)

Thank you for rejoicing in this news and for being such an incredible community- seven years ago and today. 

Hello, college teaching...I look forward to meeting you.

(PS- This is only for one class... so this will not be a full time job for those who are asking!)

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