Caravan Sonnet: April 2017


Sunday Scripture Three (Psalm 34:18)

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April's Fashion Posts Roundup (and a few sales!)

It is hard to believe that April is quickly coming to a close and on Monday it will be May 1st!! In many ways this month has flown by hasn't it?!? Today I wanted to share a roundup of all of my fashion posts from this past month! There were so many adorable items that I found that I wanted to do a roundup post for the month! 
Last week I shared 5 adorable white and blue tops that I had found from the ASOS website. If you have been around the blog for even a short while than you know that I love ASOS. One of my favorite tops was definitely the Miss Selfridge Tie Shoulder Top! I love the easy look of summer of it and it really is so cute! 
Another one of my favorites tops from that same post was the ASOS One Shoulder Top in Cotton - White top! So many one shoulder tops right now and this one is absolutely no exception of being cute and adorable. 
Finally, this adorable Miss Selfridge One Shoulder Cutwork Top - Blue top was another favorite from the post. To see all five of the tops you can read the post HERE!
Earlier in the month I shared a post about 5 cute and affordable Easter dresses that you will want to wear all Spring and Summer. This was a really fun post to write and I know several of you commented on some of your favorite pieces, including this LOFT Eyelet One Shoulder Dress. Guess what?!? This dress AND everything at LOFT is now 40% off (simply use the code OHGOODIE)!!! Yea! It is selling out fast so quickly head on over to shop by clicking HERE! (AND don't forget that you can receive $25 Off Your Entire Order with Email Signup!
Another favorite from that same post was this SheIn Lace Cami DressI have seen so many dresses that have this look this season but they are so expensive! I was thrilled to see this SheIn dress for $50. It comes in sizes small through large. You can find it in the lace dress section at SheIn by clicking HERE.
Finally, this This beautiful Yoana Baraschi Pepin Sheath dress from Rent the Runway was an a absolute favorite by so many of you and I totally agree. The dress looks absolutely gorgeous and would be the perfect dress to continue to wear throughout the Spring and Summer for date nights or to attend weddings. It reminds me a bit of the dress that Princess Kate wore in India last year and I love the details on this dress. Rent the Runway has the dress available in sizes 0-12. Looking for a larger size? Rent the Runway has tons of adorable and cute plus size dresses available. You can find the plus size section by clicking HERE

One of the things that I love about Rent the Runway is that they have tons of cute and affordable designer dresses for under $50. You can find out more by clicking HERE. And through April 17th Rent the Runway has a special sale going on where you can rent one dress and get TWO free! Simply click HERE for the deal! And if it is your first time to use Rent the Runway you will receive $25 off any purchase of $75 or more! Lots of great sales!!
Finally if you are still looking for some adorable sandals to wear this season check out my post a few of my favorite sandals from ASOS which you can find HERE!

And finally- y'all coming next week I am SO excited to announce a special project that I have been working on for the last several months relates to my love of fashion! Stay tuned for this exciting announcement!! I hope y'all have a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend! The weather has been warm here recently and I am hoping to spend a lot of time outside!


5 Days Until "When Truth Refreshes" Releases

It is hard to believe that there are only FIVE days until "When Truth Refreshes" is Released! You can read more about the book HERE! Thank you to all of y'all for your support and all of your prayers in these final days as last minute items are finished! 

What's Up Wednesday (April Edition)

Happy Wednesday friends! I am excited to link up with MelShaeffer, and Shay for the "What's Up Wednesday" Link up! I have so enjoyed reading these ladies posts and am excited to join in! It has been so fun to connect with so many other ladies who are doing this each month over last year and I am looking forward to connecting more in 2017. Here are all of the "What's up Wednesday" posts from 2017:

And here are all of my "What's up Wednesday" posts from 2016: 

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What We're Eating this Week... 
So everyday I work to get approximately 8 cups of greens into me. To me this is just as much a part of my healing process as all of the medicine and supplements that I take. I eat a non-gluten and dairy lifestyle and am also low-sugar (my sugar comes from my fruit smoothie every morning). But this winter I am kicking it up even more and working to get 10 cups of greens into me. 

I don't currently juice for a variety of personal physical reasons and have read about all of the health benefits of actually chewing the greens so this is what I am currently eating. Honestly I am so sick with this treatment plan it is a bit rough but I know the healing properties will help so I am pushing through. What is your favorite green to eat? I am currently munching on Spinach as I type this. *smiles*

Interested to find out the benefits of Kale or Basil? You can find a post I wrote about the benefits of Kale HERE, and find another post on the benefits of Basil HERE

What I'm Reminiscing About... 
 Trips and adventures of the past. In the next 18 months I have so many exciting adventures coming up, including a trip to Prince Edward Island, Alaska, and Europe that it is fun to reminisce about trips of the past while dreaming about these future trips. 

At the moment I am researching like crazy for my upcoming Prince Edward Island trip. If you missed yesterday's post I am still looking for lots of great recommendations for the upcoming trip to Prince Edward Island (from Boston) and would love to hear of any tips or places to see that y'all would recommend. You can read more about what I am looking for HERE

What I'm Loving... 
My ESV Journaling Bible, the Interleaved Edition. I absolutely LOVE it. For such a long time I have always loved making notes in my Bible and bringing artistry to what I am studying. At the same time though I haven't wanted to cover other scriptures that I may want to really delve more into at a future date. Enter the ESV Journaling Bible, the Interleaved Edition. Every other page is a FULL blank page. It allows for tons of creativity and lots of note writing and I am loving every single moment of using it. It is a bit big and heavy so I still use my smaller Bible (THIS beautiful flower one from the Bloom Collection) for travel, but I can't say enough about the ESV Journaling Bible, the Interleaved Edition for my home Bible Study. If you have any questions I am happy to answer- it is wonderful!

What I've Been Up To...
Working on lots of orders for my Etsy shop and some charity donations that I do each year from my shop. The most popular request recently has been for the multi-colored custom altered journal order (I think everyone is dreaming of Spring! *smiles*)with the purple custom altered journal order a quick second. Still looking for last minute graduation gifts? These make wonderful presents! (You can find the shop by clicking HERE!)
I have also been working on lots of subscriptions for The Novel Garden! This has been such a wonderful program and I am so thrilled with the impact that it has made already. If you are not familiar with it you can read more about this special subscription box HERE and order your subscription box HERE

Also, we are always looking for authors and shops to join us in this adventure, as well as affiliates. Find out more about how you can become a part of it HERE.

What I'm Dreading... 
I can't say anything different than more treatment. But we take one day at a time, sometimes with a lot of tears and other times trying to laugh more than cry and remember the precious promise of Psalm 125:6:

"Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy."

What I'm Working on... 
Lots of marketing items, interviews, and things related to the release of When Truth Refreshes THIS Monday!! This devotional is my most personal yet with tons of personal stories in each chapter. Writing this over the last couple of years was a growing experience and also a real blessing. I was constantly reminded of the beautiful truth of: "Every day you preach to yourself a gospel of your loneliness, inability, and lack of resources or you faithfully preach to yourself the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ." (Paul David Tripp) I can't wait for the release on Monday and pray it will be a huge blessing to each person who reads it. When Truth Refreshes will be available where books are sold and on Amazon. 
 I am also working on some final edits for September Caravan that will be released on September 1st! And also... 
When Lyme Invades that will be released November 1st! 

It is a busy writing year and yet, so exciting. I am so grateful for all of the support! I also announced on Monday some exciting updates for two of my previous books, Praying through Lyme Disease and Path of Hope that you can read more about HERE

What I'm Excited About... 
Lots and lots of things. Do you remember when I shared my word for this year? There are so many ways that I see this coming to fruition. Small, big, and beautiful ways. Even in the midst of pain I see so many lovely things that are happening.

What I'm Watching/Reading... 
I haven't been watching a ton of TV, but I am loving the new season of Amazing Race. Y'all know how much I love the show in general, but I love the twist this season and it reminds me of some of the first seasons of the series which are my favorite. Have y'all seen this season? 

What I'm Listening To... 
I am looking for some new podcasts to listen to. Anyone have some suggestions? 

What I'm Wearing... 
Transitional clothing to Spring. Even though the weather remains cooler, there are signs of Spring that keep appearing and this week we are supposed to get a few days in the 70s! I love this chambray shirt and black skirt combo with a fun necklace for these transitional weather days! 

You can find the skirt (similar HERE)//Chambray shirt (similar HERE)// Necklace HERE (find similar ones in my Chloe & Isabel Boutique HERE)// Shoes (similar HERE - LOVE these!)

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month... 
Moving down to camp! We are slowly starting the process of packing up and getting the cabin ready and my little heart is SO excited!

Bonus question this month: What is your favorite spring/summer shoe?
Without a doubt y'all know how much I love Sandals. A couple of weeks ago I shared on the blog a few of my favorites from ASOS. You can find the post HERE! Seriously- there are so many cute sandals that are out there!! 

I would love to know your answers to these questions friends! Share your thoughts below in the comments!!

 Happy Wednesday!

From Hope Valley Devotional (Week 11): The Blessing that Forgiveness Brings to Brokenness

One of my favorite parts of the 6th episode in Season 1 were the words that Elizabeth wrote in her journal. There is such a simple yet deep truth that is conveyed here, the reality that relationships in all forms can be confusing, and how it can feel that we are all speaking in foreign tongues. Many times it can be extremely hard and difficult to understand each other. But it is Elizabeth's last part of her journal entry that really makes me stop and ponder. "What part of our failure to communicate comes from our own brokenness and what part does my brokenness play?" 

Have you ever stopped to consider the brokenness that surrounds our lives and the way that this brokenness will play into each of our relationships? It can truly effect each of us in so many different ways. We can interpret the things people are saying in light of our brokenness instead of taking their words at face value, understanding that they may be coming from a different place. We can take offense at words that weren't meant to offend. We can sometimes even take up "causes" in light of brokenness instead of the name of righteous justice, growing distracted by things that don't truly matter in this life. We can grow bitter, holding onto pain and anger instead of having loving and open hearts due to brokenness. How do we move past this? How do we work through our own brokenness?

I think that we must consider the truth and need for forgiveness to combat our brokenness. Forgiveness that will allow us to love and freely live fully in light of grace that we experience. It is true that brokenness is a part of our world and will have an impact, but by living in light of forgiveness we find a blessing that is beyond priceless. Is it easy? Absolutely not. 

Forgiveness is difficult, messy, and a painful road, but continuing to carry our brokenness will always continue to cause us to communicate with others in foreign tongues. Living in unforgiveness will be like a Cancer that will continue to spread with no way of stopping the destructive path it creates.

Many, many years ago I was truly confronted in my own life with this topic when I watched a documentary entitled, "As We Forgive". The premise of the movie is, "Could you forgive a person who murdered your family?" That question is the entire basis and concept of the movie "As We Forgive". The description of the documentary said: 

“This is the question faced by the subjects of As We Forgive, a documentary about Rosaria and Chantal- two Rwandan women coming face-to-face with the men who slaughtered their families during the 1994 genocide. The subjects of As We Forgive  speak for a nation that is still wracked by the grief of the genocide that killed one in eight Rwandans in 1994. Overwhelmed by an enormous backlog of court cases, the government has returned over 50,000 genocide perpetrators back to the very communities they helped to destroy. Without the hope of full justice, Rwanda has turned to a new solution: Reconciliation. But can it be done? Can survivors truly forgive the killers who destroyed their families? Can the government expect this from its people? And can the church, which failed at moral leadership during the genocide, fit into the process of reconciliation today? In As We Forgivedirector Laura Waters Hinson and narrator Mia Farrow explore these topics through the lives of four neighbors once caught in opposite tides of a genocidal bloodbath, and their extraordinary journey from death to life through forgiveness.” (

Doesn't this challenge you friends? It challenges me so deeply as I watched the documentary years ago and then thought about it while watching episode 6 of season 1. Brokenness in the world has the opportunity to bring out the fact that communication between others can be difficult, messy, complicated, and even feel foreign. But living in forgiveness allow us to live fully in the grace that God gives and offer that freely to others.

Will we always agree with others? No. Will we always see eye-to-eye with everything another person says? No. But in offering forgiveness and moving beyond the brokenness we bring a grace to every situation that is beautifully unique than what is offered and seen in the world.

Today, let us offer that forgiveness and grace in light of brokenness. Let us move beyond the mis-communications that come of the brokenness that is in our world and extend the powerful hope of forgiveness. What a beautiful testimony of the truths that we see witnessed in Hope Valley this would be for our world. Forgiveness makes the path of brokenness from death to life an extraordinary journey that can only result in grace and love.

"So, chosen by God for this new life of love, dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you: compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength, discipline. Be even-tempered, content with second place, quick to forgive an offense. Forgive as quickly and completely as the Master forgave you. And regardless of what else you put on, wear love...never be without it."
-Colossians 3:13-17, The Message-
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If you would like to watch the "As We Forgive" documentary you can find it on Amazon by clicking HERE.

I receive several emails a week asking where you can watch older episodes of "When Calls the Heart". If you have a Netflix account you can find seasons 1-3 there or you can purchase them on Amazon. You can purchase and watch all of the seasons and episodes by clicking on the links below:
When Calls the Heart, Season 4 (All of the episodes from the Season are now available on Amazon for purchase.)

*Please note that the quotes used in these weekly devotionals are the sole intellectual property of Hallmark Channel, WCTH, & Crown Media, LLC. These on-line posts are in no way supported, endorsed or affiliated with WCTH, Hallmark Channel, or Crown Media. They are simply encouragement inspired by Janette Oke and this precious show.*


Looking for Recommendations for Travel Tips for a Roadtrip from Boston to Prince Edward Island

Happy Tuesday y'all! Today's travel post is a bit different- I am looking for some suggestions and ideas for an upcoming writing and blogging trip that I am taking in the early fall with one of my dearest friends! 
We will be meeting up in Boston and then taking a couple of days to drive up to Prince Edward Island, where we will be spending three days before taking a couple of days to travel back. Our time in Prince Edward Island is pretty much set due to my blogging and writing commitments (but of course would welcome any tips!) and I am very familiar with Boston, but we definitely need suggestions for travel tips for the trip from Boston to Prince Edward Island and back. 
I have been to Portland, Maine before, but both times were incredibly brief, including the driving tour on the cruise a couple of years ago (which you can read about HERE). 
On that same cruise I did see the Portland Head Light House (which you can read about HERE) which was gorgeous and I would love to see at least one light house on our travels on this trip.
One of my favorite parts of the entire cruise was our brief stop in Kennebunkport, Maine which was simply adorable (you can read more about it HERE). I definitely wouldn't be opposed to going back because it was so quaint and charming but am curious if there are other adorable places like this that anyone would recommend?
Along the way we also will head into New Brunswick and then will be in Nova Scotia (when we visit Prince Edward Island) and so ideas for this area would also be very welcome!! I was in St. Johns, New Brunswick for a day on one cruise and it was charming (which you can read about HERE), and briefly spent time in St. Martin's at the Bay of Fundy (which you can read about HERE), but the time in both of these places was so brief that I am welcome to suggestions for this area again!
Anyone have any ideas or recommendations? We would love tips for places to see along the way, eat (extra points for places that have gluten free menus!), and stay! Our time will be brief (obviously) but any tips and suggestions would be welcome y'all! Also - are there any particular travel books anyone would recommend?

If you are a business that would like to collaborate on this project you can contact me with a proposal by sending an email HERE, or find out more about working with me on a travel collaboration HERE

Thanks so much y'all! I can't wait to hear every one's fabulous ideas!


Exciting Updates on Lyme Books

Happy Monday friends! I am so excited to share with y'all some exciting updates on my Lyme Disease books

First, my little heart is thrilled to share that "Praying through Lyme Disease" the 2nd edition(!!) will be released in June! I am constantly overwhelmed by the beautiful support that this book receives. Stay tuned for more updates in the upcoming weeks! 

Second, for the past several years I have received thousands of requests to have all of my Lyme books put into larger print versions or on audio. Both of these things have been in the works for a couple of years and I am excited to share that God has opened the door for both "Praying through Lyme Disease" and "Path of Hope" to be released in Large Print Version this summer! 

"Praying through Lyme Disease" (the 2nd edition!!) will be released in June along with a Large Print Version. "Path of Hope" (Large Print Edition) will be released in July. 

Prayerfully "When Truth Refreshes" (releasing NEXT Monday!!)), "When Light Dawns", and "When Lyme Invades" (Releasing May 1st, 2019) will also be released in Large Print Version in the coming years. 

There is also a lot going on behind the scenes to have "Praying through Lyme Disease" released on audio in the upcoming years. Stay tuned for more updates in the upcoming months!

 You can also stay up-to-date on all of my writing on my personal website which you can find HEREThank you so much for your sweet support of all of my writing. I am so incredibly blessed by each of you. I hope you have a wonderful Monday and beginning of your week!


Sunday Scripture Two (Isaiah 9:1)

To download and use for personal/church use, right click on the image and save to computer and print on thick cardstock or photo paper. Please tag @rebeccaannvandemark (on IG) or @caravansonnet (on pinterest or twitter) when sharing on social media.

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9 Days Until "When Truth Refreshes" is Released

It is hard to believe that there are only NINE days until "When Truth Refreshes" is Released! You can read more about the book HERE! Thank you to all of y'all for your support and all of your prayers in these final days as last minute items are finished! 

Happy Saturday friends!


5 Adorable White and Blue Tops from ASOS

Y'all know how much I love ASOS and today I am excited to share 5 adorable white and blue tops from the website! 
1. ASOS One Shoulder Top in Cotton - White
There are a lot of different one shoulder tops that ASOS carries, but this classic one shoulder white top is gorgeous. I love the fact that it is lovely and makes a statement all on its own. You can find it HERE
2. Miss Selfridge One Shoulder Cutwork Top - Blue
Seriously, y'all- how cute is this?? You can find the top HERE
3. Miss Selfridge Tie Shoulder Top - White
This adorable white tie cold shoulder shirt is so cute for the Spring and Summer. I love that this top would be perfect in the day time but also would be so cute to wear on a date. I love the feminity of the top. You can find it HERE

This long sleeve top is the perfect addition for a clean and crisp white shirt. You can find it HERE. There is also a navy version of the top:
I think the navy version could transition really well into Fall. If you are looking for the navy version of the top you can find it HERE.
Isn't this one shoulder shirt classy and unique? I love the different detailing on it and I also love the fact that it is only $25! You can find it HERE!

These are just a few of the adorable cute shirts that are available in white and blue from ASOS! I can't wait to share more tops for this sweet Spring and Summer season in the coming weeks!

Also y'all coming in May I am SO excited to announce a special project that I have been working on for the last several months relates to my love of fashion! Stay tuned for this exciting announcement May!! I hope y'all have a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend!