Hi, i'm Rebecca. I am an English girl at heart, My heart sings when I dance, I love the outdoors, I love thrifting & making something pretty out of nothing. I am a writer, I adore music, I love cooking, I carry a book everywhere with me, I am passionate about education, history, making our world a better place. Wanna know more? Click the button below!
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Shutterfly Plate {Review}

I was extremely honored to be contacted by the Social Media Coordinator from  Shutterfly a couple of weeks ago. She originally asked me to review a product that I didn't feel would be a good fit for my blog (only because I don't have an I-phone) but I told her that I was interested in working with Shutterfly …

North East Bloggers Network Photography Challenge

I am excited to be apart of the North East Bloggers Network Photography Challenge  today! Y'all know that I love photography and am excited to share my photo today for this challenge! The theme for this month was "family". I loved this picture of my dad and I from Spring Break taken at the New York Mar…

Notes from the Porch: the beginning of California two

Thank you so much for walking this unexpected journey with me in California . I am truly overwhelmed with your support. Thank you so much to all of you that were praying for my first doctors appointment on Friday at the Whitaker Wellness Institute. It was a day truly pregnant with lots of emotion and I could feel …

Notes from the Porch: the beginning of California

Thank you so much for all of your prayers, financial gifts, love, cards, text messages, and phone calls as I headed out to California yesterday! I was extremely nervous about flying and just all of the unknowns that this trip encompasses. I have hope that this process can work here but at the same time because I…

The Paper Sonnet

I am so very excited to announce to y'all the new name of my creative arts company. This truly has been an endeavor that has been in the process for several months. Some of you might remember December Caravan  and the choice behind that name. To be honest I still love the name December Caravan but it didn'…

Days Like These (Book Review)

A couple of months ago I found out about a website called Booksneeze  which I was so excited to discover! This website offers the opportunity to receive free books in exchange for honest reviews. I was excited to find this site because as y'all know I do love reading and what a great opportunity! *smiles* I req…

Benefits of Dry Brushing

I first heard of "dry brushing" when I read Kris Carr's book, Crazy Sexy Cancer  when I was in my early 20s . I was intrigued and did it for a little bit. Unfortunately, I admit that as time went on I wasn't sure I felt any benefits so I let this important health ritual slip and in the last c…