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At Caravan Sonnet, my goal is simple: to create original and beautiful story-telling content that caters to an audience of young (or young at heart!) travel lovers who are looking to explore different parts of the world. Since its first post in 2013, Caravan Sonnet has developed into a lifestyle, creative, and travel blog that has grown to hundreds of thousands each month across 100+ countries. 
Throughout this ten year journey I have become a published author with more than 7 book titles to my name, been featured on a variety of different websites and press, had my travel posts and pictures published in numerous travel magazines and books and moreover have collaborated with hundreds of different brands, tourism boards, and individual and boutique companies.
I pride myself in gorgeous photography, story-telling writing that draws the reader into the place they are reading about (while sharing a bit of history too!) and designing and crafting collaborations that go beyond blog posts and social media highlights to create a rich and diverse community. I am grateful for the beautiful relationships and community that has been built with thousands of readers of Caravan Sonnet and social media communities that goes beyond the cliches. 
If you are a brand that is looking to collaborate here are just a few things that Caravan Sonnet has to offer:

* a strong and engaged social media audience of over 100,000 combined followers across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest and other social media sites
*Gorgeous Photos
*Engaging Writing and a Unique Perspective of History, Law, and Government (I am currently completing my PhD in Public Policy and Law)
*A Unique Feature of sharing how those with illnesses will benefit from working with your brand
*a trusted and relatable voice
*Timely delivery, Professionalism, and Speedy Response Time in all Communication
*High quality skills in writing and photography
With a strong background in marketing, communications, and journalism, I have plenty of creative experience and am confident that I can help your brand reach its desired and targeted audience in authentic and meaningful ways.
My Social Statistics at a Glance:
Instagram- 46k+ (with a strong engagement)
Pinterest- 175k+ (monthly views) 2.8k+ followers
Twitter- 2.8k+
Bloglovin- 4.6k+
Facebook- 2.2k+
Google +- 360+
Just a Few of the Brands that I have Been Honored to Collaborate with:
*Viking Cruise Line
*Hyatt Hotels & Resorts
*Pursuit Collection
*Holland America Cruise Line
*Walt Disney World 
*Seward Windsong Lodge
*Talkeetna Lodge
*Alaska 4x4 Rentals
*Seattle-Tacoma Airport
*Prince Edward Island Tourism Board
*Montgomery Inn at Ingleside
*Lord Camden Inn
and many many more....
Collaboration Opportunities
If you feel your brand would be a good fit for Caravan Sonnet, here are some potential avenues for collaboration:
*sponsored posts
*press trips and FAM trips
*cruise reviews
*hotel reviews
*restaurant reviews
*product reviews
*social media promotion and management
*social media takeovers
*twitter chats
*instagram collaborations

For a full media kit, feel free to email me at:
To discuss collaboration opportunities, contact Rebecca by email.

#ADK50falls Challenge //New York (April-October 2019-2022)
Winter Lights at Shelburne Museum (Vermont) // December 2022
The Rockettes at Radio City Hall (New York City) // December 2022
Adirondack Mountain Sleigh Ride (New York) // December 2022
Pennsylvania // December 2022

Florida // March 2023
Georgia // April 2023
Europeon Adventure // May 2023
Tennessee // May 2023
* more adventures coming soon*

*adventures coming soon*

*stay tuned for more travel adventure announcements*

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