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six years and a thousand memories engraved on my heart

This past year was the first year that I did not teach high school students in a very long time. Because I loved my job life so much during that time there were moments where I missed my students so much that my heart ached. Throughout the year I thought of special moments and times and many times throughout the ye…

15 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

To be truthful I had heard of Apple Cider Vinegar before but had never really known anything about it or the health benefits of it until about a year ago. A friend of mine introduced me to a few of the health benefits and I have been amazed to discover a wide range of possible uses and health benefits that Apple C…

Can I Pray for You?

I am so delighted to talk with you today about a topic that y'all know is very very dear to my little heart. That is the subject of prayer. I recently discovered a fantastic project called "prayer warriors" and the goal of this project is to join together with other Christians and pray for one anothe…

Persecuted: A Global Assault on Christians (Book Review)

I mentioned in April  that I was thrilled to discover the website  Booksneeze ! This website offers the opportunity to receive free books in exchange for honest reviews from bloggers. I was excited to find this site because as y'all know I do love reading and what a great opportunity! I also appreciate the opport…

the june fifteen

I have loved reading posts by other bloggers that share random personal things about them. To me the ones that have done this make their blogs that much more friendly. I was inspired so last  February  I started to share fifteen random facts about me and life on the fifteenth of every month. For July fifteenth I am …

Willsboro Bay Sunset, Lake Champlain

The weather this summer has been very rainy and cold so far. We have spent more time huddled around fires then we have been outside. So it was delightful to my little heart to spend some time with my camera in the bay capturing the brilliance of this sunset last night. The beauty of this land struck me and I fell …

Where I blog from

While some bloggers have certain places that they blog from regularly I truly vary in my places that I write from. Most of the time in the past several months I have blogged from my bed since I have been ill, but I also would sometimes blog from the living room couch. Out in California I would blog from a comfy chai…