June 13, 2016

Today has dawned bright with a whole list of items to complete before we leave tomorrow to travel across the country. This past week and a half has been a whirl-wind as we have attempted to "seemlessly" move out of my grandmothers house to our cabin for the summer (about an hour away), clean out our 1901 cabin for the summer, deal with everyday issues that have come up, switch around three rooms at the cabins for practicality sake, all while continuing treatment (3 hours away) plus trying to prepare for the weeks ahead. 

There have been some tears, some quiet looks without words, silted laughter, lots of prayers, and lots of peace. My health the last five days has crashed severely ... most likely in relation to treatment and a number of different factors and so I have been taking things one second at a time. Over the weekend I mentioned to a couple of friends that it seemed like satan was attacking as lots of things kept "falling apart". Such dear friends praying against these attacks and the Lord's great and tender care and powerful mercy have kept us moving forward with incredible peace that is only from God. 

In many ways I think being sick is harder on your loved ones than it ever is on yourself. I admire these people that I love so much ... who keep on loving unconditionally... even when it hurts them, they love without abandon, continuously modeling Christ's love and I am in awe.

I (and my precious family) are so incredibly grateful for your kind words, your financial support (thank you so much to everyone who has given for this trip and some that have mentioned that they will be giving HERE!), and most of all your prayers for this week ahead. I will try to update my Instagram page while we are gone these next 10 days as I can so please feel free to follow along by clicking HERE

As we prepare to leave for another day of treatment this morning, I am considering the week ahead of me with quiet. Today I say goodbye to a wonderful nurse, whom I would count as a friend as she starts an exciting new adventure. Tomorrow, I leave for my own new adventure and next step in this journey. As I approach this week of travel across the country, lots of doctors appointments, tests, treatment, trial doses of new meds, procedures, and port surgery I am finding such beautiful hope, peace, and courage in Isaiah 33:6: "He will be the sure foundation for your times..." 

Truly no matter what shifts and changes and no matter what we face ...our God is our stability...our sure foundation that we can set our eyes and hearts upon... today and tomorrow.

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