An Exciting Update

July 1, 2017

I am so grateful for all of your prayers these last few days as I traveled to CA. Weeks ago I had testing done to see where things are at with my health. I wept as I heard the news that I am officially healing. 

The healing that so many of you have been praying for for almost 1/2 a decade is truly happening. 

I still have some intense treatment ahead of me but to be at this point in the journey, feeling better than I have felt in years& actually seeing that complete healing is coming& possible is completely overwhelming& humbling. 

The picture on the left was snapped years ago, before I started with my current medical team. I was coming from being told by three major& well known medical facilities that there was "no hope" for my case. I had also been told that I should be prepared to die in the next months & was unable to eat. I walked in & in my first conversation with my kind doctor was to tell her that if she couldn't offer me hope just to tell me. I tried to sound brave but was shaking. She looked at me& firmly said, "You won't die. We will fight to not only save your life, but get it back." I immediately broke down in sobs. She went on to tell me that it would be the hardest fight of my life that I ever had... and it has been. 

It's been three years of intense treatment, hundreds of oral meds, hundreds of shots (both antibiotics & homeopathic) months of IV antibiotics, hundreds of nutritional IVs, thousands upon thousands of vitamins, oils, & supplements, one PICC line, one Port, countless doctors appointments, excercise therapy, thousands of alternative treatments (including HBOT, acupuncture, reflexology, detox, etc), detox regimes, hundreds of smoothies & cups of greens, lots of tears...lots of laughter in pain...emotions & discouragement beyond words (which I talk about in my book, When Truth Refreshes), thousands upon thousands of hours of prayer. These years have been hard...but have held so much grace.

Thank you for your prayers which has gotten me to the picture on the right (taken 3 days ago)...A girl who is still in treatment but truly healing & has seen the goodness of the Lord. I weep as I know what it is to be cared for tenderly by God. 

"The Lord has done great things."


  1. I am so happy for you,Rebecca, that the treatment is working! What a long road you've been on, and your endurance and faithfulness through it is an inspiration. <3

    1. Aww thank you Callie- I am not sure why I just saw this! Thank you for your sweet message and note!!

      Blessings, Rebecca :)