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June 17, 2024

caravan sonnet

Happy Monday friends! Today I am SO excited to share more about this product that is available in the Caravan Sonnet Shoppe- the Personal Finance GROWING Semester Bundle that will be completed by July 26th! 


This bundle includes ALL of the powerpoint presentations and resources lessons with colorful and animated sections for Personal Finance for an ENTIRE semester!! With over 695 powerpoint presentation pages/slides/PDFs/Classroom Decor Posters/Activity/Google Classroom Covers and Keys and more! (697 to be exact!!) you will be ready to have a foundation to teach your personal finance class for a semester!

When I first started teaching personal finance I wasn't even sure where to begin and lots of the materials that were available that could be found (which was extremely limited) seemed out of date and very boring. Creating these resources for my students helped bring this material alive in new ways and these powerpoints will help be a foundation for your semester also!

**NOTE: This is a growing bundle and more resources will continue to be added including lesson plans, more powerpoints, classroom activities, classroom assignments, and SO MUCH MORE!! This bundle is currently at a full semester with 98 resources and more than 500 pages but will grow to be approximately more than 120 resources when it is finished in the Summer of 2024 (Target Completion Date: Friday, July 26th, 2024)***. Please note the links in blue of items that have been added to complete this bundle! The following items will be added into this bundle:

*3 More Budget and Career Resources

*An Insurance Unit including Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Long Term Disability Insurance and Home Insurance

1- 4 Types of Insurance that Everyone Needs Powerpoint With Guided Notes

2- All about Car Insurance Powerpoint

3- All About Car Insurance Word Search

4- All About Car Insurance Word Scramble

5- All About Life Insurance

6- All About Long Term Disability Insurance Powerpoint

*A Car/Transportation Unit including resources on Steps to Buying a Car, Leasing a Car, and Buying used vs. New

*A finalized Apartment/Home Unit- Renting vs. Leasing Vs. Purchasing a Home, Mortgages, Real Estate, etc.

1- Finding/Renting an Apartment Powerpoint with Guided Notes (#2 Best Seller in the Shoppe!) - Updated

*A Finalized Stocks and Investing Unit

*Finalized Holidays Unit (including 5+ more holidays)

1- Valentine's Day Holiday Powerpoint

2- Easter Dinner Holiday Powerpoint and Guided Notes

3- Solar Eclipse Powerpoint and Guided Notes

4- Earth Day Powerpoint with Guided Notes

*Passive Income Unit

In addition to those above I will be posting quizzes and tests for all of the completed units and will also be adding in guided notes!!

A growing bundle means that you purchase an incomplete resource at a discounted price. As more resources are added, the price will go up so purchase it while it's at the lowest price! Please don't hesitate to reach out with any additional questions! I am happy to answer!**

*Powerpoints can be easily converted into Google Slides for your convenience

**Powerpoints can be edited to fit the needs of your classroom!

***Original target date was June 20th, but I have been adding and creating MORE items for the teacher and student that are taking me a bit longer and I am SO excited to add these items in. The unit WILL be finalized with EXTRA items and the ENTIRE unit by July 26th!!!

This resources includes 106 different product resources including:

  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Guided Notes (Coming Soon! Currently only available for some lessons- please read through carefully before purchase)
  • Word Document Assignments
  • Word Document and PDF Classroom Activities
  • Word Scrambles
  • Word Searches
  • Bingo Cards
  • PDF Document Assignments
  • Answer Keys to Assignments
  • Games/Activities
  • Personal Finance Posters: Handwritten Collection (10)
  • Personal Finance Posters: Soft Neutral Collection (10)
  • Personal Finance Posters: Minimalist Collection (10)
  • Personal Finance Posters: Modern Botanical Collection (10)
  • Google Classroom Covers (35)
  • Lesson Plans for Equal Pay Day

You can find the bundle HERE!!

Looking for Individual Personal Finance Resources? Check out ALL of the Personal Finance Resources available in the shoppe HERE!

Thank you again for all of your support of the shoppe! You are truly a blessing!

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