Christmas Encouragement

December 5, 2020

Caravan Sonnet When I was extremely sick with Advanced Late Stage Lyme Disease, Cancer, & several other health issues several years ago, I was too sick to have the strength/energy for decorating for Christmas or to participate in the "typical" Christmas activities. For a girl who has always loved to gather loved ones in pretty cozy spaces & who used to decorate everything (including her classroom), the loss of "typical Christmas activities" was one more "loss" in the journey & it was tough.

Several Christmas' were tough (& more time was spent in the ER than at home) & one Christmas we not only didn't decorate, but my family sacrificed presents & numerous Christmas "traditions" due to the financial strain of treatment costs & because my immune system was so weak & critical I couldn't even be in the same room as them. Another Christmas, my precious sister Emily sat at the bottom of the stairs because I couldn't be near anyone because my immune system was so fragile. This is just one of MANY stories from those years that never make it into the Instagram feed or onto the blog.

I have thought a LOT about those painful Christmas seasons where tears flowed more than laughter, and those days of deep hopeless pain.

I share it because my heart goes out to those who are limping through this holiday season like we are (for different reasons). I know that many of you dear ones have tears these days. Those who are too sick or in too much pain to do the things that you love to do. You precious ones that are walking through grief of loved ones missing. And you dear courageous ones who are waiting in expectation & hope of miracles to happen that seem far off & simply impossible.

Friends, if you are struggling through this season, feeling "forgotten" & smiling in all of the right places, yet weeping behind the scenes, I pray that you will know the tender care of love in merciful & unique ways. One of my favorite verses during those dark years (and now) is from Isaiah 9...I hope this promise is a simple encouragement of light in this dark season.

"Nevertheless, the time of weeping and despair will not last forever." 
// Isaiah 9:1 //

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