Castaway Cay, Bahamas

October 30, 2016

Our day at Castaway Cay was absolutely beautiful and truly epitomized what you think of when you think of "a Caribbean island and paradise". Castaway Cay is Disney's private island is that exclusive to those who are traveling on Bahamian and Caribbean cruises.
This private island and Caribbean paradise is unique in its amenities and its world-class creation on a Bahamian oasis with the signature Disney influence. 
Castaway Cay is designed for the ultimate island and retreat experience and leisure and the beauty is absolutely breath-taking.
From the moment that the ship pulls up to dock you are struck by the absolutely beauty that surrounds you. You definitely feel like you have entered a completely different world.
As you dis-embark off the ship everything that you need for a perfect day is provided from comfy and large beach towels to a wonderful tram service that will take you to any part of the island that you wish to go (or you can walk if you prefer), to beach umbrellas that were plentiful and easy to find, to tasty food (an open-air BBQ dining at several locations) and family friendly-environment, including ample opportunities to see lots of your favorite characters wandering around the island. 
There are several different sections on the island including the Castaway Family Beach area that allows for lots of family fun. There are opportunities for sailing, kayaking, swimming and snorkeling in the beautiful blue lagoon. In addition to this there is a feast at Cookie's BBQ close by that has lively family music and dancing (and several characters joining in for fun!). 
This is where my sister and I spent the most time of the day. Due to the easy convenience of Cookie's BBQ holding the allergy friendly food orders, it was easy and convenient just to sit down and enjoy this beautiful blue lagoon. We were also sailing at a time where it wasn't that crowded and we felt that we had a lot of the area to ourselves. 
For those who are looking for an adult-only oasis that is exclusively for those who are 18 and older than you will want to head over to Serenity Bay. Serenity Bay offers open-air massages, frozen specialty drinks and hosts its open BBQ pit along with a beautiful area to relax in the stunning ocean. 

As I mentioned several times Castaway Cay is simply stunning. I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves but I can't say enough how much I loved this island and how much I want to go back someday. It was beautiful. 

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