Healing and Recovering From Surgery

April 2, 2017

Hello sweet friends! I shared yesterday with my IG community that each month I am working on memorizing specific portions of Scripture this year. Each passage talks about the Lord creating "rachat" (my word for the year that means "redemption" and "restoration")For April I am memorizing portions of Psalm 20 (which you can read more about HERE!). These scripture passages, mostly chosen at the beginning of the year, hold even more significance to me now as I think about the coming year and recovering from surgery.

 I know that so many of you have kindly requested an update and I so appreciate all of your prayers for surgery. If we are connected on IG or Facebook than you have seen the MARVELOUS MIRACLE that we are rejoicing that there was NO Cancer that was found. Even as I write those words, I still have tears of gratitude to the Lord. Thank you so much for all of your prayers. I am confident that it was the prayers of so many faithful people praying that were answered. 

Surgery was though more complex and complicated than we would have hoped and due to this the recovery is SLOW going and will take longer than anticipated. Everyday I am seeing improvements, but I won't lie... these last 13 days have been some of THE most difficult of my life and in this health journey. As some of you are aware some medicine and drugs after surgery caused some complications and I would covet prayers for pain, sickness, and general healing and I would also covet prayers as there are several medical issues that need to be worked out. I would also pray for wisdom as we will be adding a couple of specialists into my team care for some things that we need to address. This last prayer is specific and unique as it takes a special type of doctor who is willing to be a part of such a large medical team and willing to work with the confines and issues that Lyme Disease causes. 

I trust though despite these "seeming hurtles" that we have found and what we are dealing with is part of the Lord's beautiful and unique way of answering my desperate prayers for healing. Nothing is by chance when we are serving and following and trusting the Lord and even this may look to be a hurdle, but I know that the Lord is working everything out perfectly. In that is where I trust and rest when my heart starts to become overwhelmed. 

I want to say a special word of thanks to each of you that have checked in on me, loved on me, have sent cards and text messages, sent gifts, provided financial provisions, words of encouragement, and phone calls these last several weeks. So many of you have listened and cried with me, laughed and rejoiced, and have gently and specifically reminded me that the Lord is near. I so appreciate those of you that have moved into this time with love and compassion, not giving space, but gently reminding me that I am not alone in this journey, speaking truth and courage to fears and joyfully praying for the future. Each of you are a gift.

Everyday in this journey with my health has felt like a miracle in so many ways, but today I sit and marvel a little more and with overwhelming gratitude. God has been so good, just like He has been every single day of this journey. 

"Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, "The LORD has done great things for them." 

-Psalm 126:2-


  1. I saw this on IG and was so happy for you! But I mean, wow, you are such a trooper! I will be sending you good vibes and gentle hugs. xx

    1. Aww thank you SO Much!! I so appreciate your sweet words of support and your encouragement!! TRULY it means so much!! Thank you again!!