Notes from the Porch (twenty-one): a mini update

June 11, 2014

Sweet friends, I just wanted to share with y'all a mini update that I posted on my "go fund me page" last night:

Thank you so much for all of your continued prayers and support on this journey. Today was a long day as we traveled to a doctors appointment (about an hour and a half away) and then home. I find in some ways that there are very small bits and pieces of improvement in my health and yet there is still SO far to go. In this long journey I am incredibly grateful for all of your prayers and support.

This past week has brought some discouraging news as I have been in the process of social security disability (something I never imagined myself doing at 34 years old!!) and have been denied. To be frank the entire process has been extremely emotional, humbling, and frustrating. At this point the state of Tennessee does not recognize Lyme as a "viable" reason for disability. (It is baffling and frustrating and someday I hope to work to change this for others!!) This 7 month process has been very time consuming and difficult as we had been praying for this to come to fruition to help cover the cost of several immediate bills and upcoming expenses (including help with daily necessities). In addition to this I found out today that the vitamin c treatments will not be covered by insurance. 

As I rode home earlier this evening and stared at the beautiful view before me I am once again reminded that the Lord will provide each and every need. I have been working on memorizing psalm 59 recently and the words from the first part of verse 10 touch my heart:
"my God on whom I can rely. God will go before me..." 

My God on whom I can rely.... truly He is a God that I can rely on. Each and everyday He shows Himself in so many thousands of ways and has never failed in the provision for all of my needs.

I will be writing more in a blog post later on next week and give a more detailed update but in the meantime I thank you for all of your prayers and support. Truly each day so many of you show me in tangible and loving ways amazing gifts of love. Thank you for your prayers and I thank you for your prayers for praying that the Lord will meet each need that I have before me. 

Truly He is a God on whom we can rely! Thank you again so much for all of your support and love!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that! I just don't get why states worldwide think in such strict categories, often slow in opening up for new developments...But your faith is amazing and yes, he will provide!

    "Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall" Psalm 55:22

    My host mom send me this phrase and I time that I needed it.
    Prayers from Germany xo Josra