walking and running

June 29, 2020

caravan sonnet
A couple of years ago my precious daddy snapped this picture of me running as he wept. For my dad who fought for my life so hard it was a priceless moment and beyond that a miracle...

speechless and amazing to think that 6 years prior to this picture/moment he needed to carry me out of my bed in order for me to leave it, push a wheelchair at points in this journey, and help me for a couple of years when I couldn't even walk down the hallway of our home to get to the bathroom, and then help me learn to walk again.

I am so glad that my dad got to see those huge beginning steps of healing before he died...I remember breathing so hard when this picture was taken I could hardly catch my breath and he said "one day you'll make it to the point walking/running"...I laughed (it's a mile away)but he was serious and said he would be cheering me on...but this morning...two years later and four years after getting #courtneytheportney for extreme and more intensive treatment (then I have often talked about) I made it to the point.

I have fallen in love with starting to learn to run again and all I can think is ..."thank you, thank you, thank you" to everyone who has been part of this journey. *tears*

For a girl who was told by some of the most well known medical doctors and hospitals in the world that I would never walk again let alone run (or dance again).I can't wait to revisit some of them and share the miracle.

Don't let anyone ever tell you something can't be done. It may take WAY longer than you could imagine (it was a more than a decade long battle for me) but don't ever lose hope. Miracles happen every single day...I am living proof and my precious daddy is cheering me on with a huge smile. #loveyoudaddy #takethatlyme

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