iron infusion day

May 4, 2023

  caravan sonnet

I just wanted to say a quick note of thanks for all who were praying for my iron infusion yesterday. As some of you know I have been struggling with severe iron deficiency symptoms and yet due to the shortage of the type of iron that my body specifically needs, this infusion was on delay until yesterday. I was grateful for all of the prayers for accessing "Courtney" after a difficult access a couple of weeks ago that left me uneasy and for the treatment itself. 
caravan sonnet
I have walked the halls of this hospital specifically for more than 7 years and yet, as some of you are aware... this is now a triggering situation for me. These hospital hallways and rooms have held some of the most wonderful moments of fantastic news regarding my health and some loved ones and then some devastating news in the lowest times. I am so grateful for all of your prayers, the encouragement of those who have walked this path before, and the listening and supportive ears of so many. 

Arriving up infusion was difficult as I was very apprehensive and I could feel your prayers which I am grateful for. I am also grateful for being able to see a dear friend and laughter and a wonderful set of nurses who truly change everything. Their calmness, laughter, and help just makes for a supportive experience that is impossible to explain. It is priceless. 
caravan sonnet
Thankfully there were no issues with Courtney and it was a one stick day and the infusion went well! 

I am so grateful to have received this iron infusion and grateful for the help that I know it will give my body. As I spoke with my doctor more about the length of time between these treatments (it has been over a year and my ferritin was at a very low spot) and advocated for a different timeframe I was grateful that my concerns were heard and that this was taken seriously. We have a good plan moving forward and I am extremely grateful for this. 
caravan sonnet
Overall the infusion went well... I was able to work on my computer while I was there (Eating ice of course *smiles*- thank you Sue!) and was able to finish the infusion in a shorter amount of time then originally planned. For those who are not familiar, some iron infusions are quick and others, like the one I need to have, take lots and lots of hours (depending on a number of factors). 

After getting home yesterday I slept for a while and was able to eat a tiny bit of food and this morning and am feeling okay all things considered.

Thank you so much again for your support and prayers! 

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