a note of thanks

June 23, 2016

‪#‎courtneytheportney‬ is in! Thank you so much for all of your prayers for my port placement surgery on Tuesday. The Lord truly answered in amazing ways which I look forward to sharing more with y'all in the future. Please know that everything went well and that the surgeon is pleased. After a very long day we finally arrived"home" and settled back into our hotel late Tuesday evening. Yesterday (Wednesday), I spent the day resting and healing from surgery.

Today I am back at the clinic having my port accessed, receiving extra fluids and IVs, and then will be spending the rest of the day resting at the hotel before our flight home (very early) tomorrow morning. Our flight will land back home in the early evening so it will be a long day of travel and we so appreciate your prayers. 

I am recovering okay but still feeling poorly. These past 9 days have been a lot of stress on my fragile body and I am so grateful for your prayers that have covered me in this journey. We received some additional test results back and this will help us moving forward. I am returning home with an updated and intense treatment plan and while I feel exhausted and sick, I am confident and peaceful for where I am now at in this journey. Month by month, day by day, and minute by minute the Lord has been so gracious in moving forward step by step and healing in this journey. 

Thank you so much again for your continued prayers. A very special thank you to my dear family and friends who have been so faithful in checking in, praying, and sending lots of notes of encouragement. Thank you so much my precious parents, Emily, Jen, Katie, and Ali. You are all such a treasure. Thank you to all of y'all who have spent so much time praying. are such a blessing!!

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