Notes from the Porch: the beginning of California

April 26, 2013

Thank you so much for all of your prayers, financial gifts, love, cards, text messages, and phone calls as I headed out to California yesterday! I was extremely nervous about flying and just all of the unknowns that this trip encompasses. I have hope that this process can work here but at the same time because I have been sick for such a long time I do admit that I am anxious. If I am brutally honest ... there are days where I am not even sure I remember what feeling "normal or healthy" feels like anymore. I have my first doctors appointment which will last approximately 3 to 4 hours today (at 1pm California time which is 4pm EST). I soo appreciate the messages that I received yesterday. They TRULY are so precious to me on this journey.

Yesterday, in each step of the way, I saw once again the Lord's mercy in this journey. First, as most of you are aware the Lord provided a miracle for my dad to come and spend the first couple of days with me here. I was SO thankful- and yesterday in the airport - it was such a blessing as he handled all of the luggage (which I couldn't carry) and helped me get acquainted with Newport Beach. [I won't have a car here because of the cost but there are different ways that I am able to get to my appointments and to the grocery store- mainly through a hotel shuttle.]

Second, we left Tennessee in beautiful weather which originally the weather forecast had predicted rain and storms. {All of these pictures are from my phone- sorry for any blurriness!}

Third, I was reminded of the verse "the clouds are the dust of His feet" as we flew. What a beautiful view for seven hours yesterday!

Fourth, despite missing our original connection we were able to get seats on a flight only a couple of hours later. The other wonderful thing with this was that my dad was still able to get us in the exit row (which is really important for this 6foot 3 gal)!

Fifth, as we landed in California we have met some of the nicest and loveliest people. One man that helped me with my bags in the hotel mentioned that they constantly see miracles occur here at the clinic and reminded me that faith as small as a mustard seed moves mountains. What a precious reminder!

Sixth, I had asked for prayers of peace-specifically as I am so used to relying on my parents for so much help each day and the Lord has truly flooded me with peace. Yesterday as I sat quietly in my hotel room watching the sunset (I will post more pictures soon!) I was blessed with a wonderful time of prayer with my precious Savior. Thank you so much for your prayers for peace.

Seventh, my view and my hotel room are simply wonderful. THANK YOU again to each of you that financially provided to provide this opportunity for me.

Y'all are such a blessing on this journey.

P.S.- Eighth- they have finally located my lost suitcase!YEA!


  1. Love you :) Praying for healing!

  2. I'll be praying for you!

  3. Praying for you as you go through this journey of healing!

  4. I am so glad to hear that you are already experiencing blessings along this journey! Glad to hear you made it to CA safely! Will be praying for you, and would love to meet you while you're here!! :)