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Managing Your Finances as a Regular Traveller

Image Source For most people, travel entails heading away on an annual holiday or vacation for a week or two. Most of us will save enough throughout the year to book a break to an all inclusive resort in a hot and sunny location. Alternatively, we’ll book the trip and then pay the balance off in monthly instalm…

we are moving

As some of you know, my precious mama and I are embarking on a new adventure starting this week.  We are moving back to Tennessee after 5 years away! There will be more details to come, but for now we appreciate your prayers for us.  There are tons of details we are finishing up and I find myself in lots o…

3 Surprising Reasons Good Oral Hygiene Really Matters

Image via Pexels - CC0 Licence   Taking care of your teeth is hugely important - from physical to mental health, our smiles have a huge impact on the rest of our health that you may not ever have realized. Delaying or avoiding dental treatment because of perceived cost or fear can be a real issue, but all it m…

Your Guide To The Best Hangover Cures

We’ve all been there, your head is throbbing, you feel like you’re going to be sick, it's like you’ve suddenly gained twice your weight and any type of noise hurts your head even more. Hangovers are not fun with any stretch of the imagination. But our bodies are punishing us for taking it too far, enjoying ourse…

3 Caregiving Tips for an Aging Parent

No one wants to think about their parents getting older, and not having the same abilities they once did. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life for many people. The “baby boomer” generation is not only getting older, but they’re a huge portion of the population. By 2030, that entire generation will be over the age of 6…

a goodbye...

As some of you already know, this week is a week of saying "goodbye" to a beautiful and wonderful season of being the Director of International Students this past year. I know that I have already said this (many times in the past couple of weeks) to my precious students, my incredible host parents, and t…

5 Mistakes You Can Make Traveling To Disney World With Chronic Pain

The stories you have heard are true. Disney World is if not the happiest place on earth than certainly one of them. This is true regardless of your age and it’s definitely not just for kids. Did you know that there’s no such thing as a lost child at Disney? After all, how could any child be lost at the happiest pla…

upcoming changes

There are some HUGE changes coming about in the next month (will be sharing more soon, but in the meantime we appreciate prayers!). I have been finding such peace, comfort, and encouragement in the following verses. If you are staring at these next weeks and months as a time of change like we are, I hope they enco…

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends and the beautiful Canadian brands and companies I have connected and collaborated with over all of these years! Thank you for connecting and sharing your beautiful country with me! I can't wait to come back and visit as soon as the borders open again! Our hopes are high.…