the road to the the doctorate...update one

May 13, 2022

 caravan sonnet

✔️first class of the PhD finished

In many ways it reminded me of climbing a HUGE steep was exhilarating, scary, extremely challenging, difficult in the middle (okay beginning and end too after so many years away from school)...and most of all it was lovely.  Lovely to be able to be healthy to pursue this dream, lovely to have the support of so many people,  lovely to connect with my fellow cohort and an amazing professor,  and most of all humbly lovely to move forward with this dream. (If you would like to know anything about American Public Policy let me know because my mom is probably tired of hearing about it haha family members should get honorary doctorates!!*smiles*)

One class down, 13 to go and a dissertation too...see you soon PhD.

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