a new job adventure

September 7, 2019

It is with gratitude and humility that I am so delighted to share a new season that I embarked on this past week. I am so humbled to share that last week I accepted the position of Director of International Students at a local school and officially started this past week.

To be heading back to start a new school year after EIGHT long and extremely painful and difficult years away brings a wave of emotions with lots of tears.

To be at this stage of healing is a gift that leaves me speechless...especially when at one point I had doctors from some of the most well-known medical clinics/hospitals in the world telling me there was no hope for life, let alone that I would never be able to return to a school again.

As I consider this past week and this new adventure, I am reminded of what my dad said to me for these years that I was literally sidelined from life..."these are just new marching orders Rebecca with a purpose and a plan for His glory"...and so as tomorrow starts a new set of marching orders starts with a variety of emotions I remember this simple and profound truth...that in each new set of marching orders the Lord himself is with us and is leading for His glory.

Thank you for rejoicing in this new season, for your continued prayers for me and my health, and for this time. I have received a lot of questions asking if I will be continuing the blog and YES definitely yes! I look forward to continuing to share about our Alaskan Road trip, the cruise that we took in August, and also many more future adventures. Thank you so much for your continued support of this blog and space!

“…a new set of marching orders.  That is what always follows loss of any kind—a mother’s loss of her child, a wife’s of her husband, a lover’s of his beloved, a man’s loss of his job, his health, his self-esteem, his home—if only we have ears to hear those orders, eyes to see the gain God intends to bring out of our loss.  Even when trouble stops our ears and clouds our vision, He goes on working in secret and perhaps years later reveals what we had not faith to lay hold of.”

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