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August 8, 2020

Caravan Sonnet
It is with gratitude, humility, & tears of joy that I am overwhelmed to share a dream has come full circle after nearly a decade! I have returned to teaching!!

As some of you know, this summer I accepted a teaching position at a local school!! To be heading back again after NINE long & the most extremely painful years away brings a wave of various emotions with lots of thankful & overwhelming tears.

To be at this stage of healing is a gift that leaves me speechless...especially when at one point I had doctors from some of the most well-known medical clinics/hospitals in the world telling me there was no hope for life, walking again or eating normally (without a feeding tube) let alone that I would never be able to return to a school again in a teaching position. (One doctor called this dream "ridiculous in thinking".)

Walking into my classroom on Monday, my precious daddy's birthday, was truly a full circle moment as he fought so hard to get me to this place. I stood in my room & wept. I know he is rejoicing right now & cheering me on.

I also humbly remember so many of you who have been walking this journey with me for 9 incredibly long years. It may be me holding this sign with happy tears, but to each of you who have faithfully prayed over the years, stood by me & my family in this journey, to the nurses at UVM - "Courtney" & I weep with gratitude, to those who have donated money to various go fund me campaigns over the years, to the letters, emails, texts, & "just the right" words at the right time, the list is never ending & to each of my doctors ...& to my main medical team all of y'all - I love you...Dr.J... I am indebted forever for you helping save my life. Thank you. 

Thank you for rejoicing in this new season, for your continued prayers for me & my health

"The people who survived the wars have found favor in the desert. The Lord said, "I love you with an everlasting love...once again I will build you up & you will be rebuilt my dear people...once again you will take your tambourines & you will go dancing with happy people...once again you will plant...I will satisfy you with abundance" 
//Jeremiah 31//

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