Notes from the Porch {twelve}: an update

December 15, 2013

It's hard to believe that it has almost been six weeks since I have shared an update on my health here on the blog. Words truly can't express the incredible amount of gratitude that I have for each of you who faithfully continue to pray, support, text, call, send mail, financial support, and are creatively and lovingly walking this journey with me. Today I wanted to take a few minutes to give you some updates and try to answer some of the questions that I have received. At the same time for some personal reasons I have decided to not share ALL of the details of my health. Some things, as I am sure you can imagine are difficult and painful enough to live through everyday without rehashing things here on the blog again. 
Since my last update on my health there have been many changes that have been taken place and I am going to try and address them here (in no particular order):

(one) Thank you so much for your continued support of things financially. As I mentioned in my last update there is just not the financial means to currently travel out to California. Yes, this does affect my treatment and is concerning to me and my family. (Ok, very concerning on different levels) BUT at the same time we continue to trust the Lord that HE will provide at the right time. "I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken." (Psalm 37:25) What a beautiful promise this is- especially for me right now. I continue to thank each and every one of you that continues to so generously give to my financial fund to go out for more treatment. Words can't express how much I am so humbled by your extreme kindness. Thank you so much. TRULY you live out the verse and show me each and everyday the truth of Psalm 37:25.
(two) I received several emails asking me why the treatment in California or just switching to a different doctor is such a "big deal". Honestly, I understand these questions. Before I was seriously ill I had NO idea how much a doctor can influence your physical recovery and the important process that they play in the fight for your health. To be frank there are only a couple of places in the world that treat with the same treatments that I am offered in California and Whitaker's is the cheapest option. About changing a doctor ... its not as simple as just choosing another doctor for strep throat or the flu, in cases of serious illness you need to have a qualified person in the subject area PLUS you need to be able to work and click with this person. Its definitely a critical aspect for anyone who is seriously ill. (A HUGE thank you to my sweet friend Katie for your kind words and encouragement to me about this subject this past week!)

(three) Along with number two ... I would covet prayers for wisdom for me and for my doctors as we make decisions on how to best proceed in the future with certain doctors. 

(four) As I mentioned in the last update I have been having EXTREME issues with my stomach and colon. In the past six weeks my kind gastrointerologist has tried a couple of different medications. Unfortunately this complicated the problems and five weeks ago I had one of the worst weeks of my life in regards to pain and illness. After lots and lots of prayer and talking with the doctors we decided to stop the medicine that should have cured this problem and start using some "old fashioned" home remedies. Needless to say I am VERY happy to share that for the past four weeks I have not experienced ANY SEVERE pain in my stomach and colon and each day we are slowly trying to begin helping this heal. A slightly discouraging thing that came from these doctors appointments is that my gastrointerologist is convinced that I do have "Leaky Gut Syndrome" along with the gastroperiosis which is complicated. At this point my gastrointerologist & GP believe that this is due to the Lyme Disease. We are trying to slowly begin this healing process through herbs and supplements because... 

(five) last Thursday I found out some difficult news. First, (which was not a big surprise) we have learned that my adrenals are no longer just in "adrenal fatigue" but they are in adrenal exhaustion quickly heading to complete adrenal failure. While this can cause lots of difficulties for those who are not seriously ill this can quickly become a dangerous thing for those, like myself, who are. One of the reasons for this is that at such a dangerous state steroids are typically given. Unfortunately Lyme Disease can "feed" on steroids so that is not an option. We would covet prayers as my doctor has ordered some special supplements for the next two months to try and stabilize this issue without us having to explore some other unpleasant options. 


(six)In addition to this we found out (which we had suspected but had been praying against) that my metabolism has completely shut down. I will be honest that I broke down crying in Dr.H's office and was so thankful for such a compassionate and kind doctor to hear this difficult news(my General Practitioner is a WONDERFUL answer to prayer!). It was difficult to hear as it felt like "one more thing". Honestly I just cried. I was prescribed a special prescription for this and am starting on a very very low dose to hopefully train my body how to restart the metabolism. I would covet prayers also for this as y'all know that medications are tough on my little body. I have taken two so far and honestly it is a little difficult and would covet prayers that my body will adapt quickly to this!

(seven) I have been put back on a drug that is necessary for me right now with the Cancer and the Lyme Disease. This drug that I take has had studies done that show that it kills Cancer cells and can help with Lyme. I take it at night and would covet prayers- specifically against violent nightmares that it causes. I will admit that there was a little bit of a breakdown that occurred at our house on Tuesday evening when I was in tears about having to take it for the second night. My amazing parents were kind, compassionate, and loving and prayed (and are still praying) that the Lord's peace would rule each evening as I sleep. I would covet your prayers for this as well! (Thank you so much Michelle and Jen for ALL of your sweet texts and prayers this past week!)
(eight) Because we can't afford treatment in California right now we are trying everything and ANYTHING that would help in some small way stabilize me more and also help support my body to fight. One of those things is doing detox baths each day and also doing SOFT Chamber HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy). So I now do LOTS AND LOTS of dry brushing twice a day along with two different baths each day (one in the morning and one at night). We have also chosen to due Soft Chamber HBOT. This was a hard decision because studies have shown that it does not have nearly the same amount of benefits as Hard HBOT but since we can't get to CA my dad said "lets try this". We graciously were given a discount to have this and I am so grateful for Eddie for your generosity during this financially difficult time. Currently I am doing this twice a week for an hour. I won't lie that at the beginning there were some tears as I was having a very difficult time with it (kept almost passing out). The guys that run the place have been SO incredibly patient with me and have played around to have it set up so that they can "bring me out" of the oxygen more slowly. NO more passing out! Thank you so much to all of you who were praying about this! {I should note that my doctor in CA was not for this and this is part of the reason that number three mentioned above is on our prayer list.)

(nine) PRAISE the Lord that so far my iron count is holding at a steady enough place that after I met with my hematologist it was decided that I do not need anymore iron infusions before the end of the year! I will have this blood work re-checked in January and will keep you updated. 

Thank you so much for your prayers as we move forward in this caravan. There is a verse that I recently have been memorizing. I hope that it encourages you today as it has encouraged me each day!
As I close out this update I so appreciate ALL of your beautiful love, your kind friendship, your compassionate financial help, your AMAZING encouragement, and your sweet love. 

:) Love, Rebecca


  1. I am so encouraged to see you mention the real and ever present prayers and praises. I am thankful for all the Lord is doing in your life. Know that He is using your story more than you will ever know. You are continually in my prayers, friend. Stay strong and beautiful.

  2. Girl, You are such a strong woman! Thanks for keeping us updated Prayers for COMPLETE healing!

  3. Keeping you in my prayers!! Keep on girl! Hugs!

  4. Just now catching up on all your recent posts. I was so burdened upon reading this one and hearing about all the different challenges, one on top of another, that you have been facing. Just wanted you to know that I will be spending some special time in prayer for you today regarding all of these issues. May the Lord's grace be with you in a special way as you press forward. May the exceeding greatness of His power that raised Jesus from the dead be mighty and prevail in your life, in your circumstances, and in your health. May you be strengthened in the inner man to not lose heart, but to look to Jesus in confidence and expectation for what He will do for you and through you in this situation. And may it all turn out for His glory and praise. Happy New Year! ~Rebekah