Notes from the Porch {five}: an update

September 24, 2013

Thank you so much to everyone who so kindly left such sweet messages and encouragement after last weeks post. Your words are such a blessing to me in this long journey. I wanted to take a few moments to update y'all as I am so thankful for each of your prayers. It is TRULY a blessing to me. Each day I see answers to so many different prayers in a thousand different ways. 

Last week I met with a couple of my doctors for different appointments. I joked on instagram that I would be a millionaire if I could figure out how to stop patients from having to fill out all of the new paperwork (or updated paperwork) that comes with each doctors office. *smiles*

During one of the appointments (with my hematologist)  it was decided that since my iron level is dangerously low and my body has stopped having the ability to process and absorb iron(due to the Lymes) that I would need to get at least a couple of Iron IV's. This was a little bit of a shock but all of my doctors were on the same page that this was a necessary thing to do. It was a shock because iron IV's come with lots of risks to them. I had my first one yesterday and I am SO thankful to report that I had NONE of the severe reactions that can accompany this type of procedure. While I do feel like I have the flu today, I can definitely handle that. Not breathing and heart going out of control not so much. PRAISE the LORD! I covet prayer for the next treatment which is next Monday. After this the doctor will take some additional blood work and we will evaluate whether the Iron IV's need to be a regular weekly treatment for a while or if there is a better course of action for the future.

If you are friends with me on Facebook then you know that we praised the Lord that one of the areas that has been a concern for the doctors came back from biopsy as non-malignant! PRAISE GOD! I still have some additional areas that need to be checked and removed but we are so grateful for this news this week!

I have done some exploration and was pleasantly surprised to find out that there was a Lymes Support Group in my area! In fact it is held (but not sponsored) at the church that my parents attend. Because the church doesn't sponsor it there was never a formal announcement made about it so I was so happy to discover it by researching several different venues. I have contacted the leader and am hoping to attend my first meeting next week! In addition to this I have connected with a few people online that are battling Lymes. Their courage to fight Lymes is such an inspiration to me! 

I started reflexology last week and am hoping to see how that will help in this process of getting well. One of the things that I have noticed is that my stomach has felt less pain after only one treatment! I was so delighted by that!

I had a wonderful phone consultation with my doctor from the Whitaker Wellness Institute today. I am very excited for the plan that we have in place for the next couple of months! If you are a person who is seriously ill or fighting a disease you understand how lovely "plans" are! I am definitely thanking the Lord once again for such an AMAZING doctor and for bringing me to the Whitaker Wellness Institute. 

One of the key components of going back out for treatment is the expense aspect. (If you would like to see a complete breakdown of costs you can click HERE.) I can't thank y'all enough who have donated and have financially supported me - not just for this upcoming treatment session but in the past and throughout this long journey. Y'all are such a blessing! THANK YOU so much for each of you that have been praying for the financial aspect. Truly this is something that we are begging the Lord to provide. Due to all of the unknowns, previous treatment costs, travel to so many different doctors and hospitals last year, and so many ongoing health expenses we are in need of this money. I am SO glad for a BIG God who always provides! If you would like to help out you can do so here:

Thank you again to all of you who are SO supportive. Text messages, cards, phone calls, prayers, etc. constantly show love and support throughout this long journey. While I sadly hear of chronically ill people losing friends along the way (and I sadly have experienced this with a couple of people) I am constantly overwhelmed at the outpouring of love and support in multiple different ways from so many people. 

Thank you again so much for all of your support! 
Love, Rebecca

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