asking for prayer

December 14, 2016

I shared with my instagram community last night that the first 13 days of December have held such highs and this past week some very difficult days. As some of y'all know I have been struggling with an infection that has caused lots of issues. Unfortunately with my health issues I couldn't tolerate the full dosage of antibiotics at the beginning which gave the infection more of a hold. The last two days I was finally able to get the full dosage in but have had reactions to it and I covet your prayers for healing from this infection and that I would be able to tolerate the medication. I would also ask for prayers that this will not affect the upcoming intensive treatment round I was to begin which has now been delayed. I have been so grateful for dear friends who have been so encouraging during these difficult and very painful days, gently and tenderly reminding me of God's faithful love. 


"Our forefathers had many dangers to contend with... on either side of them rose a wall of water like none they had ever witnessed. The wind raged, the sea churned threateningly, like a lion ready to fall on its prey. The army of Pharaoh sat on the edge of the land intending to pursue them. How easy it would have been for people, through every step of that perilous passage to set their eyes on these dangers. How easy to give in to fears and discouragement. These are the rushing waters of our lives, surrounding us like a churning wall on every side. They are the army of our Pharaoh. But instead of growing distracted and fearful, we can choose to set our eyes on the path that the Lord opens for us. One step at a time, we can go forward, and learn to be faithful in suffering." 

-Tessa Afshar, Land of Silence-


  1. Amen. I will pray for you Rebecca. Stay steadfast in faith and God's love and healing power. No matter what happens he is with you and so am I.