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a full circle music moment

I shared this over on my instagram but wanted to share it here on the blog too as I know so many of you have been faithfully (and kindly) reading for years and praying for me. Last night was truly a beautiful full circle moment in regards to music.

You see, for as long as I can remember I have adored music. It was a constant part of my life...until I couldn't handle sound/noise due to Lyme.

Six years ago in January I was told by a well-known doctor that they had no idea on how to help me or my failing body that was spending more time in the ER than anywhere else (within the next three months I would be diagnosed with Advanced Late Stage Lyme Disease and Cancer among other health issues). Sound & music, a favorite part of my life, (except in very small parts) overwhelmed my collapsing body.

Five years ago I had been with my current medical team for almost 10 months & was starting to SLOWLY begin the long process of healing.

Four years ago this month I came across a Keyboard & fell in love with it. My fingers grazed the keyboard & although I was to weak to play and noise still was difficult, my parents encouraged me to purchase it, "for the future". I purchased it secretly doubting I would remember how to play again even if I ever could.

These past seven years my brain and fingers may have forgotten how to play, and there may have been a LOT of mistakes (hahaha!)but taking a beginning piano lesson last night reminded me my heart remembers my love of music.

Getting to this stage of the healing to start to follow dreams and long awaited moments like these leaves me speechless.

I know some of you are at those places I was years ago...where the losses and "deaths" are overwhelming, living in doubt about anything in the future. I hope that sharing this small part of my story is an encouragement. It may seem that there is no hope for these "deaths" and feel you have lost who are to the maze of illness, but I promise things will get better. Hold on and keep dreaming of your future dreams even through the tears. You've got this! I am cheering you on!

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