Alaska 4 x 4 Rentals Review

October 12, 2019

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Today I am so excited to share with y'all about the company (Alaska 4x4 Rentals) that we rented our Jeep from for our Alaska road trip this year! You may have remembered that I shared in my post last year, 5 Things You Must Know About Driving in Alaska, that there are several unique limitations to driving in Alaska and they are important to know and understand before you head off on your fabulous Alaskan Road Trip. Definitely check the post out HERE if you are planning a trip because in every single way Alaska 4x4 Rentals helps to answer these problems, especially in regards to the cost and the ability to truly experience the wild and free state of Alaska! 

Here are just a few of the main reasons that I was so thrilled to discover Alaska 4x4 rentals and why I would definitely use them again in the future and why I would recommend them completely! 

1. Unlimited Restrictions
Unlike other rental companies in Alaska, Alaska 4x4 rentals do allow their vehicles over ANY state-maintained gravel road, which includes Denali Highway (that I traveled last year and this year) and McCarthy Highway (that we conquered this year)! This is unheard of in Alaska, although some companies may allow you to drive on Denali Highway (like we were allowed to last year) but there is a hefty price cost associated with this. This is not the case with Alaska 4x4 rentals

2. Unlimited Mileage
Another unique thing with Alaska 4x4 rentals is the fact that they have unlimited mileage with each reservation. This is really wonderful because sometimes you want to stop and explore something that you didn't plan before and it leads to really great adventures, like our hike that we did last year at Worthington Glacier Ridge.

3. Border Crossing
All Alaska 4x4 rentals are also allowed to cross the border (although the company does ask for notification prior to doing so) which is also a rare thing.

4. Family Owned
One thing that I loved about renting through Alaska 4x4 Rentals was the family owned business aspect and atmosphere. It truly just made it a more personal experience. This affected our experience in a really positive way as when Sue and I arrived (Emily arrived many hours after us due to delays) we were greeted by name, they were familiar with where we were going and even offered us a couple of bottles of water. When we returned the Jeep, they drove us over to the other terminal at Anchorage which really was such an incredibly nice thing so we didn't need to carry our luggage everywhere.

5. Current Models
One thing that I really appreciated was how new of a model the Jeep was that we drove. It was a 2019 and the Jeep was great as it really was the newest on the market, something that you don't often find in rental situations.

6. Spare Tire
Our Jeep came outfitted with a full-size spare tire which was also really wonderful... especially after our tire got a puncture wound from a rock on McCarthy Highway. Please do note though that in the fine print you will sign you will be required to pay a fee for the tire if it is damaged. If it is a true puncture wound and can be patched they will charge you $50, but if the entire tire needs to be repaired the cost will be $250. This was a bit of a surprise to me, as it was not my fault that the tire was punctured on McCarthy Highway, but I do understand it was in the contract. My best advice if you are planning on traveling McCarthy Highway (or Denali Highway) is to plan on the charge for the tire ahead of time since the roads are so rough.

Overall I can't recommend Alaska 4x4 rentals enough as they are truly a wonderful company, and I would definitely rent from them again on my next trip to Alaska. To rent a car from Alaska 4x4 Rentals you can find their website HERE or call them at: 907-290-0064

A huge thank you to Alaska 4x4 Rentals for the media rate discount for the rental of our Jeep. ALL opinions are my own.

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