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5 Things You Must Know Before Driving in Alaska

November 15, 2018

Happy Thursday friends! Today I am so excited to share with y'all the final post from the Alaskan Road Trip that I took last summer! It is so bittersweet to come to the end of this time of sharing about this trip because it was truly a once-in-a-lifetime trip that was amazing to write about and share. Tomorrow I am sharing an exciting thing about Alaska so be sure to check back! 
Today I am excited to share 5 things you must know if you are planning a similar road trip throughout Alaska that you must know before you go. These are in no particular order but are very important to note! I hope this helps as you travel throughout this amazing state!

1. Rental Car Limitations
If you are renting a car for your travels in Alaska you will want to know where you are allowed to drive with the car rental agency you are renting from. Some rental car agencies do not allow you to travel on specific highways so make sure you contact them before you arrive so that you know where you can and can't drive. 

In addition to this the price of renting a car (compared to renting an RV for example) can be a bit more cost expensive depending on the time year you travel. The cheapest rental times are in May and September if you have flexibility in your travel. 
2. Rental Car Deposit
An important thing to note is that the rental car deposit for Alaska was higher than other places I have rented from across the country. I was told that this is typical due to the nature of the area, and it might depend on your agency you go with, but you will want to find this out before traveling! 
3. Cell Phone Service
I know that I mentioned this a couple of times throughout my posts on our trip, but as you can imagine when you are going to the "last frontier state", cell phone service is spotty in some areas (and non-existent) in others. You will want to keep this in mind as you plan your trip. I said this several times, but we found the people in Alaska to be incredibly helpful and going out of their way to help if it was needed. 
4. Consider Renting an RV as a Cost-Effective Alternative to a Car
It didn't work for this past road trip, but renting an RV in Alaska is seriously a perfect idea for those who are looking to explore Alaska and are looking to save money on lodging. There are all different rental companies that you could rent from and you can find some suggestions HERE
5. Certain Roads in Alaska are Closed Depending on the Season you Travel
So most of the notes that I have mentioned are based on traveling during the summer in Alaska, but if you choose to travel at a different time of the year you will want to investigate if the road will be open or closed. Certain roads are closed during the winter season so make sure to check this out before your travels!

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and read today. I want to say a special "thank you" for excitedly joining in on all of these Alaska posts these past couple of months! It has been such a joy to share them with you and I can't wait to share a special surprise tomorrow so stop back by then! While I am sure that there will be a few additional posts about this time or Alaska in general in the next couple of months, I am so grateful for y'all in following along on this specific series from this past summer. 

Thank you again friends! I hope that this has inspired you to plan your own road trip throughout Alaska in the coming year or years! 

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