Kennecott vs Kennicott Spelling // Kennecott, Alaska

July 14, 2021

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Happy Wednesday friends! I hope that you are having a lovely start to the week! Today I am excited to continue recap my Alaskan Road Trip Adventures from 2019. As I have shared, I wanted to do this because I hope that it encourages you to consider taking a road trip of your own this summer to this beautiful part of the world!

This week I am excited to share about our time in Kennecott that we spent on our Alaskan Road Trip. At the beginning of sharing about this beautiful wild and free area of Alaska though I wanted to clear up a question that many of you have had and honestly I personally had at the beginning of our trip... and that is about the spelling of Kennecott. Before our trip I had seen it spelled two different ways (Kennecott and Kennicott) and wondered at the difference and if someone was just mis-spelling the name. 

Actually, I learned that both ways are the correct spelling of Kennecott- it actually depends on which part of Kennicott you are referring to. The original spelling of Kennicott (with an "i") is named after Robert Kennicott. He was known for working on the trans-Pacific telegraph line in the 1880s and Oscar Rohn named the glacier, river and the valley after him. 

The other spelling of Kennecott (with an "e") actually came about from a mistake. When the Kennecott Mining Company was being created there was a mistake made on some of the paperwork, spelling Kennecott with an "e" and this was how the company was named. You can see in the picture above with the sign that this is still the same way today. 
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Speaking of today, the two spellings are in effect and both are recognized by Alaska and the visitors who make their way over to this stunning area of the world. 

For simplicity sake if you are planning to visit you will see that the natural features of the town (the Kennicott Glacier (and the Kennicott Glacier Lodge which is named after the Glacier), the valley, etc.) are all spelled with the "i" while all the man-made items (particularlly the mine) are spelled with an "e". 

I hope that helps as I start this week of posts from this beautiful and unique part of the world. Thanks so much for reading friends! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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