A Beautiful Lake Adventure near Chickaloon // Alaska

October 2, 2018

Happy Tuesday y'all! Are you having a good start to October? Today I am so excited to share more from our time on Alaska 1- South on the fourth day of our Alaskan Road Trip. If you missed the first post about this highway you can find it HERE!  While the day started off a bit cloudy, it quickly changed to the most beautiful weather and this stop that we did near Chickaloon was simply stunning beyond words. This was probably one of my favorite "road side stops and adventures" that we did on the entire road trip because of the beauty. 
You will notice that I have said "near Chickaloon". We were not technically (or at least I don't think we were) in Chickaloon yet. I searched and tried to find out exactly where we were exactly to no avail. If anyone knows the exact location- please let me know! We were at the base of Anthracite Mountain and hiking around near the lake (as you can see in the pictures). I seriously would love to know exactly where we were so if you know... please pass on the information. *smiles*
The backdrop and scenery looks "fake" it is so beautiful y'all. I was in awe of what we were seeing.
This was a beautiful experience and one that I would love to go visit again and see more of exploring of this area. I would love to drive Alaska 1-South again. It seemed that around every single curve in the road a new beautiful view would show itself. It was so special to stop and take a few moments to really appreciate this gorgeous area of Alaska 1-South. 
I climbed up on some boulders to take some more pictures and really started looking at the lake below. The blue color against the greens and mountains just took my breath away!
I then started looking a bit closer at the lake. Even from a distance you could see that there were people who were out in canoes and enjoying the lake.
I snapped a few more ... okay a thousand more pictures (*smiles*) and then proceeded to try to find out how we could get down to the lake.
We walked for a bit and were able to get right near the lake as you can see in the pictures. What surprised me was that in that short distance that we traveled the views that we saw up above changed dramatically, despite the fact that we hadn't really moved that far.
It made me stop and realize in new ways the beauty of seeing the beauty that is right in front of us and capturing those moments everyday. Life in all of its beauty and complexity is so fragile and exploring this specific area gently reminded me of grabbing onto each day, loving freely and completely, and living abundantly. It may sound a bit strange that all of that hit me in this specific place, but I think that when we encounter such tremendous beauty we are encouraged to live and love more... don't y'all think?
As we made our way back to our car, I was so glad that we stopped and explored this area. It was simply so gorgeous.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this post today! 

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