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June 21, 2021

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Happy Monday friends! Today I am excited to continue recap my Alaskan Road Trip Adventures from 2019. As I mentioned last week, I wanted to start sharing with y'all some recap posts on the last Alaskan Road Trip that we did in 2019 and I hope that it encourages you to consider taking a road trip of your own this summer to this beautiful part of the world! 

Today I am so excited to share specifically about Hyatt Place Anchorage-Midtown which we stayed at for our first night of the trip. I know many of you saw the IG stories of the walk through of our room on my IG feed  (I will be sharing more about our specific room in the next few days!) and also of the picture of us outside the property after our stay. Despite the time difference and jet lag we were so incredibly grateful to have gotten a beautiful and restful nights sleep to start off our whole trip. 
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Caravan Sonnet Blog
Hyatt Place Anchorage-Midtown is located in Anchorage, Alaska and is nestled right into the heart of Anchorage with everything being less than a 10-15 minute drive to get to in the city. It is also a short drive to Flattop mountain, less than an hour from Girdwood, and less than three hours to Denali. An easy drive from the airport, it is the perfect starting point to any and all adventures with a homebase in Anchorage!

Located on East Tudor Road, this charming hotel truly looks like a beautiful oasis and is perfect for a romantic getaway, a girls trip, a solo retreat, a business trip, a family vacation, or for a starting point to your trip throughout Alaska (as we used it for). It is also a wonderful property for those looking to host large groups. 

While we stayed at the property there was also a large group of soccer teams from across the state that were using it as a base camp for a tournament. I plan to talk more about this in my review of our room, but despite the large group of kiddos it was so incredibly quiet - testifying to the detailed building structure and construction of the property!
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Caravan Sonnet Blog
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Hyatt Place Anchorage-Midtown just opened in May 2019 and already has received a 4.5 star rating from all reviews (most being 5 stars as I would personally give it!) and for good reason. In addition to this the amenities that are offered (free wifi, complimentary breakfast and coffee/tea, an indoor swimming pool, exercise gym, free parking, pet friendly property, numerous disability parking spaces that are convenient, and a large percentage of rooms that come with a cozy sleeper sofa) the property is beautiful, immaculately clean, quiet, and the staff provide a truly welcoming atmosphere, making this the ideal choice of lodging for the Anchorage area.
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Caravan Sonnet Blog
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Caravan Sonnet Blog
If you followed our journey of this road trip across Instagram and my IG stories than you know that my friend Sue and I arrived in the early evening (Anchorage time) on Friday night. We were exhausted after our almost 14 hour travel day and were so thankful to find the Hyatt Place Anchorage-Midtown property so close to the airport and also close to a Target (where we needed to grab some supplies for our trip).
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The property was beautiful to see in the evening and also in the morning and it definitely defined cozy-luxury across all different areas. We went to check in and we were greeted with a beautiful entrance and a very warm greeting by the staff that was at the front desk.
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Caravan Sonnet Blog
Caravan Sonnet Blog
One small note that I do want to make (as I experienced this during the course of our stay and heard several other guests complaining about it) is something that did occur during our check in process. If you have been around the blog for a long time than you know that I will always be honest in my reviews, even if it is hard to mention. In this case it is just a little mention (and something that didn't bother my friend or I), but could potentially bother others so I want to give a heads up.

When we arrived to check in there was no one else at the front desk waiting to be helped so we walked right up and were greeted warmly. The check in process should have taken less than 5 minutes (since everything was arranged) but unfortunately ended up taking close to 20 minutes ... because the woman at the front desk kept answering the phone and talking with customers who were calling in. Instead of apologizing to us and then answering the phone and asking the person on the phone if they could be placed on a brief hold, she went about helping them instead of helping us which honestly seemed to frazzle her more. 

This also led to us having to repeat a variety of different information to her a couple of times. Then when she went to put the code into our room keys, the phone rang again and she tried to talk on the phone and put the room key information in at the same time... which resulted in the wrong room key code being put on the card... which unfortunately we only found out after we tried to get in our room which was a good distance from the front desk. In addition to this I was trying to ask a few basic questions (about parking, check out, etc.) that we were not told and each time I would ask a question, the phone would ring, and she would just pick it up and interrupt our conversation and then said, "I don't remember what we were talking about" after and we had to start the process again. Finally after about 15 minutes I said, "Before you answer the phone could you please tell me..." and asked the two questions we needed answered. 

One other thing was that Emily (my sister) was delayed in her flight because of weather delays and wasn't going to arrive until almost 4 o'clock in the morning. We needed her to be able to get a key to have access to come in, but unfortunately a key was made, with Emily's (and my name) and our room number written out and the key for her were set out on the desk in plain sight for anyone to see. It was a little unsettling, but when a manager heard about it (when I went down to get our new keys and also make sure Emily would get a new one) he immediately corrected this and made sure all of our personal information was not in public. 

Like I said... these types of things to me are all part of travel and didn't bother me, because I believe that this staff member was trying to be overly helpful to everyone which I admired. But... I did hear several guests complaining about this situation (the phone being answered over helping them, etc.) and I can see why it could be frustrating to some guests as they tried to check in. Again, I personally believe that the front desk staff member was just so eager to help that she was trying to balance things but I thought I would mention it for those who will stay here. 
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Caravan Sonnet Blog
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Besides this little blip in the stay there really is honestly nothing that I can even mention that I disliked. In addition to our beautiful and quiet room the property and rooms and decor were lovely. 

There is a distinctive modern and chic vibe and yet Hyatt Place Anchorage-Midtown has accomplished what could be seen as seemingly impossible with the charming and welcoming culture that it creates. 

The lighting and decor as y'all can see in these pictures perfectly highlights this and makes this a unique standout property to relax and spend time in for rest and rejuvenation in an atmosphere that is safe, clean, and simply put a taste of luxury.
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Whatever your reason for visiting Anchorage is (even if you are an Alaskan resident and are looking for a perfect "stay cation", you will want to stay at the Hyatt Place Anchorage-Midtown and make this the home base of your plans. To be honest it is worth a trip over to the Anchorage area all on its own - that is how much I recommend it. 

Interested in booking a stay at the Hyatt Place Anchorage-Midtown? You can connect with the Hyatt Place Anchorage-Midtown and make reservations here:

Phone Number: 1-907-562-1235

I hope that each of you have a chance to stay at the Hyatt Place Anchorage-Midtown. It is truly such a beautiful and lovely place. Please let me know if you have any questions!! 

A huge thank you to Hyatt Place Anchorage-Midtown for the complimentary stay and experience to stay at this new property. ALL opinions are my own.

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