The Beginning Drive to Thompson Pass // Alaska

July 17, 2019

Happy Wednesday friends! I hope your week is starting off well! 

As I have been mentioning the last several weeks, I am sharing some recaps from my trip to Alaska last year as I hope it encourages each of you to take a road trip in this beautiful part of the world! I am deep in preparation for our upcoming trip this summer and am so excited to see so many new things and share them with y'all on Instagram and here on the blog!

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Today I am excited to share with y'all about the area we explored on the way to Valdez. So we headed out from the Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge (you can read more about our stay HERE) and headed south towards Valdez to a section called Thompson Pass. This area had been highly recommended because of the beauty and it was so incredibly gorgeous that it turned out to be one of my favorite days of exploring and hiking. Yes, yes... another favorite day! Hahaha. Let's be real. All the Alaska days were favorites. *smiles*
These pictures, taken less than 20 minutes from the lodge, were so stunning. The backdrop and scenery looks "fake" it is so beautiful!
The first part of the day was a beautiful experience and one that I would love to do again. This area of Alaska truly intrigues me. I will be writing more about this in the future but there was something that seemed so unique and different about the Wrangell-St.Elias area that we just saw from mainly a distance. 

The national park is huge and getting to see this little space of it in this drive was an incredible blessing. It is definitely an area that I want to come back and explore so much more of! I already have a HUGE growing list of places I want to see and explore more of the next time I am in Alaska and this area is high on the list. McCarthy and Kennicott is definitely a dream thing to do. I may need to start taking a couple of trips a year to Alaska. *smiles*
Thank you for stopping by and reading about our Alaskan road trip! If you are interested in watching the video from this area than check out the Thompson Pass Area Video by clicking HERE!

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