the moving diaries: week two update

June 19, 2021

Caravan Sonnet
Happy Saturday friends! As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I thought that for the next year it would be interesting and helpful to those that might be moving to document and share some behind the scenes things of our moving experience. Last week I shared our week one updates, and today I am looking forward to sharing some from this past week. 

This past week was so busy and in many ways it feels like we have crammed in several weeks worth of work into this one week. I don't think that I feel the same way that I did last week with feeling like we accomplished a ton, but that could be because I am simply exhausted. In many ways this week just didn't seem to "flow" and there seemed to be a hundred different interruptions of things, even including a tooth issue where I needed to go to an emergency dentist appointment. That's not to say we didn't get things done, but moving ourselves as two women was just exhausting and so we keep moving forward hour by hour and day by day. If I am honest, I think that I am struggling with some discouragement after a very long week. 

One of the things that I shared on instagram was about how we decided to move all of our boxes and packages and some furniture from the upstairs of the house to the downstairs. This has helped us have the upstairs as clear as possible for the realtor, for showings, and also for us to have things as simple and easy as possible for the moving company so that we can spend less money. You may remember that our downstairs was gutted (literally) due to mold remediation this past winter (you can read about it HERE) and so the cleaned out and healthy downstairs has provided a cost effective way to store our items. 

This was where we were at last week with the boxes...
Caravan Sonnet
And after a hard week of cleaning out and purging here is where we are this week...
Caravan Sonnet
We have taken a ton of trips to the dump and car fulls of items to local charities, and it has been good to really go through our things that we want to keep with us and those things that we are ready to part with. It has taken a lot of time to do this between just mom and I, but the Lord has continued to help strengthen us in this process.
Caravan Sonnet
One of the main areas of focus this week was on the craft room at the house. You may remember what the craft room looked like (click HERE) and what a special place that this room has in my heart. In many ways this was an emotional space to go through this week, especially with Father's Day approaching tomorrow (since my dad and I spent a lot of time in here).
Caravan Sonnet
So 5 boxes packed and 5 pieces of furniture gifted to friends... and 20 boxes and bags of craft items donated to local charities... 
Caravan Sonnet
The craft room is ready for the movers to pack up the furniture pieces.
Caravan Sonnet
The second main area of focus for this week was the garage clean out. I documented this through stories on instagram a lot this week, but we needed to go through and deal with some of the items from after the mold remediation that had been boxed up in the garage. Honestly, this was emotional to have to go back through, face all that we lost in the mold remediation again, and then still try to pick out a few things to save. It was very painful and I cried a lot throughout this process in the garage. I miss my dad and my grandmother so much, and my heart is just hurting deeply after this week. 

We are grateful to be basically done with the garage after the end of this week and are grateful for the cooler temperatures that we had in order to complete this process.

On Thursday our realtor came to meet with us and we appreciate your continued prayers for the house to sell very quickly and for our hearts. While we both know the Lord is leading us to this new space and adventure in New York, it is also an emotional process, especially for my mom and so we continue to covet prayers for this. The realtor has said again that this should be a quick process and so we are hopeful that things will happen quickly.

As we close out this week both mom and I are feeling very tired, but grateful for all of your prayers in this process. Our goal is to get out of TN as quickly as possible (we had to move our date a tiny bit so we are shooting for July 1st) so that we can get up to New York to have time to find a place to live, settle in, and also have a break to recuperate from a long and difficult year of losing my grandmother and a ton of other changes and things behind the scenes before the start of my school year. We appreciate your support and love as we work to accomplish this!

Next week we will be meeting with our realtor again and we specifically ask for prayer that the house would sell quickly for my mom, that the price it sells for would be a blessing to her, for our energy and for our health in these busy and stressful days, and for the Lord's continued guidance and provision. Thank you so much for praying for us! I can't wait to share in a week more updates and progress!

(PS- I well understand that we are not the only ones moving in the midst of a season of unexpectedness or in grief... or even those who are military families moving to a different country. My heart and prayers are with you if you are in one of these situations.)

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