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Room 408- Seward Windsong Lodge // Seward, Alaska

Caravan Sonnet Blog
Happy Tuesday friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! We were blessed with beautiful weather and the start of the week has been nice.

Today I am excited to share more with y'all more about our recent Alaska trip, specifically sharing about the beautiful room that we stayed in (Room 408) at the Pursuit Collection's Seward Windsong Lodge! If you missed my post about this beautiful property last week you can find it HERE!
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Walking into Room 408 definitely left you feeling like you had entered a rustic Alaskan getaway. The decor of the room, the pictures lining the walls over the bed, and the porch that had cut out trees on the railing all led to an "Alaskan" vibe. 

The room (as you can see in the pictures above) has all of the basic things that you would expect in a hotel room, which included the two queen beds, a TV, a phone, towels for the bathroom, and there was also a small table in the corner with two chairs (as you can see in the middle picture above).
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Caravan Sonnet Blog
The room as you can see from the pictures is very basic. I know I said this in my review of the property itself, but it was more rustic than I expected for a Pursuit Collection property, and much more rustic than the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge that we stayed at later on on the trip. 

I always hate to compare properties, but it is impossible to not compare the two places as we stayed at two of the Pursuit Collection properties. I will be honest that I think I expected things to be more like the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge in the "cozy luxury" aspect but my guess is that it will become that way as years continue. I did hear a couple of other guests mention this and so I feel that it is something to mention. 

There were a couple of reasons for this I believe. First, the room set up was a bit awkward and not developed. Some things seemed "empty" in the room and actually we moved the small table and chairs around to an empty corner of the room to fit a sleeping mat in and realized that in doing so, the room immediately felt more cozy. 

Second, the air/vent/heater in the bathroom did not work. We called down about this, but we were told that it was still being "upgraded". It wasn't a huge deal, it just made it feel more like there were some "kinks" in the newer stages being worked out. 
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Third, our sliding glass door to the porch was broken... as was the screen door. I am giggling as I write this but Emily (my sister) set out to try to fix it... as Sue was laughing and looking around and I was taking pictures. Hahaha. We were obviously both a huge help in this situation. Hahaha! Finally the screen door wouldn't move and we realized that we were stuck out on the balcony. It took some time but Emily eventually helped us get in and we were able to call someone from the front desk. 

It created quite the laughter and everything worked out but as we were waiting for Emily to rescue us we had a long time to see what was around. I hate to say this (and I am cringing as I do) but the surrounding really weren't developed yet. As we looked down there was just some dirt surrounding the property and there was the trees but the whole look of it just wasn't what you would expect at a property like this. We even saw some tools just laying out (they had obviously been there for a while) and it really was not inviting. Again, I just feel like all of these are little things that are being developed as the property grows and becomes more developed but if you are going to stay than definitely expect a more rustic retreat. 

Fourth, while there is lots of room for one, there is no roll away bed in the room. They did offer us a sleeping mat, which we did use, but there is not a roll away bed. 

Overall none of these things are "major" or concerning, just more informational for those who are future guests. I would definitely recommend a stay there (and would stay again) but I think that it is important to acknowledge that the property is still in its early growth stages.
Caravan Sonnet Blog
On the flip side there were so many lovely things about this room... a few of my favorites were...
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Caravan Sonnet Blog
While it may have been difficult to get out to (*smiles*) I loved the extra addition of having the balcony. I think that this gave the space more room, and a more private feel with this addition to our room.
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Amazing Shower & Water-pressure
I took a shower it was lovely with great water-pressure and had great water pressure. 

*the room also had a complimentary hair dryer for those who need it*

Complimentary Wi-fi

Sparkling Clean
The room was extra clean and looked like it was still brand new.

Coffee and Coffee Cups
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Front Porch/Sitting Area
One unique thing that the room and cabins had was front porch areas where you could sit at. If you saw my instagram post about the property HERE than you saw that it was truly a cozy place to sit with an incredible view of the mountain. This was one of my favorite spots of our room area and honestly liked the view much better than the back balcony.

I hope that this review of room 408 at the Pursuit Collection's Seward Windsong Lodge helps you see what a wonderful place this would be for a visit! 

Interested in booking a stay at the Pursuit Collection's Seward Windsong Lodge? You can connect with the Seward Windsong Lodge and make reservations here:

Phone Number: 1.800.808.8068

I hope that each of you have a chance to stay at the Seward Windsong Lodge. It is truly such a beautiful and lovely place. Please let me know if you have any questions!! 

A huge thank you to the Pursuit Collection and the Seward Windsong Lodge for the complimentary stay and experience to stay at this beautiful property. ALL opinions are my own.