Bishop's Beach // Homer, Alaska

October 12, 2018

Happy Friday y'all! Does anyone have any fun plans for this weekend? We are moving out of the cabin this weekend so our weekend will be spent packing up, moving, and unpacking. What is it about moving that makes me want to purge and clean out everything that I own?? Anyone else feel this way?

Today I am excited to share with y'all pictures from Bishop's Beach in Homer on the Kenai Peninsula where we spent about an hour and a half, before heading to Homer Spit where we spent the remainder of the day. 
Bishop's Beach in Homer was described to me as a "must see place" for those who love exploring tidal life. Now to be quite frank (and no offense to those who are really into that!) this was not of great interest to me, but I still wanted to go visit Bishop's Beach because I had read that it gives amazing views... which it did.
When we arrived and as we spent time walking the beach and the views seemed even more dramatic due to the grey clouds along the sandy/rocky coast and the beautiful blue mountains in the background. It was absolutely stunning.
As I said at the beginning, we only spent about an hour and a half here due to our time frame, but it was delightful to walk along the beach, experience this area a bit, and see the views.
Finding Bishop's Beach is very simple. Simply head two blocks from Old Town to Bunnell Street and you will find Bishop's Beach at the end of the street.  There are some signs also, so it was easy to find so those who are not familiar with the area do not need to be worried. 
If you are spending the day seeing different parts of Homer (like we did) then you will want to dress in layers. One thing that I would recommend is to bring a jacket for the beach as the winds off the water really were quite chilly. I wore my Michael Kohrs Down Jacket and it was the perfect weight to keep me warm without being bulky! (The jacket was also great because I left it in the car later on as we explored Homer Spit.)
Another thing that I would note for visiting Bishop's Beach is to wear shoes that you can get wet (like THESE boots- I love the Hunter brand which has so many different color and style options(which you can find HERE) and I also love the British brand, Joules (as y'all know) which you can find HERE... um the bows on those rain boots are SO cute!!). 

A great a pair of great Hiking Boots that are waterproof would also work perfectly too(the ones that I wore on the beach and for almost all of the adventures on our trip were THESE Merrell ones!). You can sort of see in one of the pictures above that I was standing in the sandy water and my feet stayed completely dry. 

Whatever you choose to do, I would recommend having a pair of waterproof boots with you. This really stood out to me because unfortunately, Ali didn't bring any type of hiking/ all purpose shoes really for the trip and expressed numerous times that she regretted that...especially for this adventure that had been planned where her shoes and feet got wet.

(As a side note if you are looking for a suggested packing list for your summer Alaskan road trip you can find mine HERE!)
A final thing that I would definitely note if you are planning a visit is to research the tide tables at the time of year you are visiting specifically. When I was reading and researching for our trip I read from quite a few resources that it was important to visit the beach at low tide if you are wanting to see "something special" (as one blogger referenced it). If you go at high tide, Bishop's Beach could look like a typical beach... it is only at low tide that interesting sea life and the rocks and boulders (that you are seeing in the pictures) will be visible. And the tidal pools that I thought I wasn't interested in? Well they were pretty neat to see in this area. *smiles*
Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this post today! 

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