3 Myths About A Keto Diet That Somehow Persist

June 16, 2021


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Ketogenic-friendly diets are becoming all of the rage in recent years, thanks to their ability to make weight loss or general health maintenance much easier. There’s also an interesting volume of scientific studies suggesting that ketogenic diets can help those with certain medical conditions like epilepsy. Of course, be sure to conduct your own deep research and speak to your Doctor and a nutritionist before committing to any large lifestyle change such as this.

However, while ketogenic diets (which involve limiting carbs and increasing your healthy fat consumption) are considered a great way to adapt your body to running on fat instead of glucose (and our bodies are surprisingly good at this), it’s important to note that many myths about this diet plan persist.

In this post, we hope to list and deconstruct a few of those. This means that if you do choose to begin trying this diet out, you can at least do so in the most informed manner possible, and feel more empowered in your lovely home kitchen when making those food decisions.

With that in mind, let’s get started:

A Keto Diet Means No Snacking

Actually, ketosis snacks are becoming all the more popular thanks to just how fun low-carb variants are to craft and sell to this growing market. From low-calorie crackers to breads, candies, and even keto friendly drinks that fuel you, snacking or enjoying the usual considerations you haven’t tried for a while is so much easier when you can snack from time to time if you wish to. This way, keto can work its magic without you having to obsess over your perfect calorie count each and every day.

A Keto Diet Means No Carbs Ever

While some people do choose to completely cut out carbs from their diet, that’s not necessarily something you have to do. Usually, keeping below around 20g carbs (depending on your body weight and height) will keep you in ketosis. For that reason, many people tend to eat a banana or other snack before working out at the gym, just so they have glucose to burn while remaining in ketosis as time goes on. As you may be able to tell, this can help you avoid feeling microscopically worried about absolutely everything you put in your body.

A Keto Diet Means Suffering From Keto Flu

The dreaded ‘keto flu’ is an experience spoken of by those who notice the physical effects of a body-switching from one fuel source to another. This is commonly felt, but it can be reduced. For instance, taking electrolytes can help you replenish your natural levels even as you’re losing a fair amount of water weight, which can, in effect, help you subvert the effects of the flu. With consuming ingredients like well-broken down bone broth (a popular and tasty method), you can overcome these keto flu effects rather quickly.

With this advice, we’re sure you’ll overcome these three keto myths that somehow persist.

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