I'm Studying Medicine, But What's Next?

June 16, 2021

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There are so many facets to the medical industry. There are many areas to choose from. This may be cardiology, general practice, emergency medicine, neurology. However, it may be difficult to pick an area where there is a great deal of progression. If you are studying, you may want to look at what you can do after this that doesn’t mean working within a hospital environment. Just because you love medicine doesn’t mean that you want to work in a ward with patients. You may want to study clinical coding or administration, and in this case you may want to look at an online mha

Be your own boss with your own medical practice?!

A dream for many - open your own practice and be your own boss. But the question arises again: is it better to open your own practice or take over one? Many doctors are independent. They can independently prescribe and they can work for themselves wherever they want. They may even be travelling and assisting patients on the road. Sometimes for many students, any job within medicine is stressful. Although it is a passion, working long hours in a hospital isn’t desirable. That is why, there are many other options. Whether you’re a physiotherapist, an eye doctor or a mental health nurse. You can work remotely, and there are people who can help you achieve this. If you have studied, you will already have the skills you need.

Disadvantages of permanent employment in the hospital

Working in a hospital environment can be tricky and tiring. Many feel as if they have been thrown into ice-cold water, because they often don't get a lot of help. In addition, many are terrified at the beginning of making poor decisions. It is stressful, your hours are taken up by working and they may be ungodly. Yes, there are plenty of 9-5 jobs in the medical field, but some require shift work. This is something to note if you want to move into this sphere. Many people who have worked in hospitals, often make a change. However, you will come to realise that it is in fact quite difficult to balance your time if you have a family.

If you don't mind dealing with stressful situations, then a permanent position in a hospital is not a bad idea. There are some benefits. A good wage. Good holidays. Comradery with your team. And of course the benefits of seeing your patients recover (although not all of them). It is important that you enjoy your job and that there is job satisfaction. Without this, you can’t move forwards in the way that you’d like. To make the decision easier, make a list of pros and cons from what you want. Everyone should do this, regardless of their job. What is more valuable to you.  Your time? Money? Good rewards? Long holidays? Once this is established and you are firm in your choice, you can make a good decision going forward. The decision for success is in your hands, and you are capable. 

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