Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge Nature Trail // Alaska

October 9, 2018

Happy Tuesday y'all! I hope that you had a great weekend and a good Monday! We are busy in the midst of working to move out of the cabin and up to my grandmother's house for the winter and spring season. It's good, but always takes a ton of work each year. *smiles*
Today I am so excited to share about the hike on the nature trail that I did during our stay at the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge. I highly recommend taking the time to do this hike- the views are not only gorgeous, but it was incredibly peaceful and just lovely.
So after we checked into the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge (you can read my review of the lodge HERE), we drove up to our cabin and prepared to get settled in for the couple of days we would be there. After quickly unpacking a few things, I was wanting to explore the property and the nature trail down near the river that we had been told about at check in. So I went off to hike for a bit while Ali decided to take a nap in the cabin and we made plans to meet up later on for dinner. After driving all day I was excited to get out into this beautiful area of the world!
The "path" (its more like a gravel road down as you see in the above picture) to the nature trail is pretty steep. Going down was not difficult, but coming up it is a workout! *smiles* If you have issues with going up or down steep hills though the Lodge does provide a shuttle that you can request. You also have the option of walking down the trail and calling for a shuttle at the bottom of the hill. 
One thing to note is that the entire nature trail is just under a mile, but if you are looking for a shorter option while staying at the lodge the trail also could be done in a 1/2 mile loop too. For those who are wanting to get out into nature, but can't do long distances, I thought it was great that this was also an option on the nature trail!
The Kenai Nature Trail will take you directly along the river and has three different spots that you can look out and sit out at to just appreciate the beauty.
I spent quite a bit of time at the first lookout point, just appreciating the gorgeous blue-green Kenai River and the mountains in the background. 
After a little while I decided to explore the rest of the trail, stopping briefly at the 2nd lookout before continuing to the third.
The third lookout spot was my absolute favorite and I can't recommend enough making your way to this point. In my opinion it was the most removed and you definitely felt like you were "in" nature there. You also had excellent views of the river, the mountains, and just the beauty that you were surrounded by.
Absolutely stunning.
I sat here for a long time... appreciating the beauty, thinking, praying, and just in awe of everything. It was incredibly peaceful and just a beautiful time. This ended up being one of my favorite times of the entire trip.
As I sat here I remembered a song that became very precious to me in my high school years and softly sang it beside this river. For various reasons this song has become incredibly precious again to my heart... in deep and profound ways. I thought I would share the lyrics with you and I hope they encourage you as they have me these past couple of months.

"As long as the rivers flow, as long as the wind blows, my heart belongs to You.
As long as the seasons change, as long as the farmer needs the rain, my heart belongs to You...

And Lord, I know I don't deserve the grace You give
So I will give my heart to You that I might live
You are my God, early in the morning will I rise to meet You, rise to meet You
You are my God, early in the morning will I rise to meet You, rise to meet You

As long as babies cry, as long as flowers die, my heart belongs to You
As long as winter brings the snow, as long as summers come and go, 
my heart belongs to You..."
"As long as the rivers flow..."
Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this post today! 

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