5 tips for staying healthy during a long distance move

June 17, 2021

Caravan Sonnet

One of the things that we are quickly discovering during our preparation for our move to New York is the need to make sure that we are taking care of our bodies as best as possible. Obviously with my health history this is something that I am always conscious of and am careful with, but in times of additional stress and change, I have found out how important this is on deeper levels. 

Moving for many people is stressful in different ways, even in the best of circumstances, and as we prepare and pack, I know that many of you are in similar situations. Lots of things during this time of change can be hard on the body (especially if you are packing yourself like we are) and the manual labor can be hard on your body. Staying healthy during a move takes a lot of effort and I hope that these 5 tips for staying healthy during a long distance move will be helpful for you!

1. Eat as Healthy as Possible

One of the best things that you can do is to eat as healthy as possible during this time. I have watched so many people turn to eating out and eating a ton of fast food during the packing and moving phase. I totally get it because it is so busy and you are exhausted from packing, but working to eat healthy is so critical during this time. You need the good food for physical strength and also emotional stamina during this transition.

One of the helpful things that we have done is that we cooked a bunch of soups and then divided it up and froze them. This has created easy dinners at the end of a long packing day when the last thing you want to do is spend energy cooking a meal.

2. Drink as Much Water as Possible

I have written before about the benefits of drinking water (click HERE) and this is key during this time. Especially if you are moving during the summer when the heat is high like we are experiencing in the south, hydration is so important.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep and good sleep is very important always, but especially during this season of transition and change it is key. Looking for some ideas and tips on better sleep? Check out these posts that I have written before: 

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4. Take Frequent Breaks to Stretch

One of the key things to do during all of the packing is to make sure to take frequent breaks to stretch out your muscles and body. Aim to take a break every couple of hours at least and take 5-10 minutes to stretch out your muscles. 

5. Give Yourself Grace

The most important tip of all is to give yourself lots of grace during this season. Grace for the different emotions and grace for the times where you are feeling extra tired and didn't get as much done as you were hoping. Grace upon grace for yourself during this time. 

I hope that these 5 tips are helpful for staying healthy during your long distance move! What are the tips that you have that have helped you stay healthy during a move?

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