Tips for Planning a Vacation during the COVID-19 Pandemic

June 4, 2021


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Are you tired or bored of staying home? Do you fancy a trip to your dream destination? Worry not; you can still get to fulfill your new year's resolution of traveling to your desirable getaway destination.

The Covid-19 pandemic created a significant shift in tourism, with movement restrictions being implied globally. The year 2020 saw the introduction and surge of Covid 19 cases in most countries; however, early this year, the World Health Organization declared a significant decline in Covid-19 cases globally. Good news, right?

So before you pack your bags and book a ticket to your vacation destination, here are a few tips to consider beforehand.

Research on the Country of Visit

Various regions around the globe have been affected in different magnitudes. Some countries report having a higher rate of infection compared to others. This may affect your intended vacation destination, however better safe than sorry.

It is safer to choose a country with strict controls in place to minimize the spread of Covid-19.

More so, inquire whether the hotel you intend to visit has protocols for screening guests upon their arrival and what other measures are in place to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Consider Vaccination

Have you been vaccinated? If not then this would be the right time to do so. Commuting in a public mode of travel increases the chances of you being infected. Being vaccinated helps narrow down the possibilities of infection and any other consequences of contracting the virus.

Visit your local healthcare facility and inquire whether they are administering the vaccines. It is advisable to get the entire doses for you and your family before embarking on your trip.


As opposed to the onset of Covid, technology has made it easier for you to take a Covid-19 test from your home and get the results instantly. It is advisable to purchase a couple of at home Covid test kits for your trip to track and monitor your health status.

The test kits take a short period of around 10-15 minutes to get your results.

Choose a Safe Mode of Transport

Traveling by your means of transport is a more convenient and safe choice for you and your family. Public transportation, as previously stated, increases your chances of being exposed to infection.

If you don't own a vehicle, you can use car rental services to get you to your desired destination. However, if you're vaccinated, you can take the chance of using a bus or a plane. Flying is much safer since airlines strictly request all passengers to have their masks on at all times.

Pack a Hygiene Kit

You must ensure your safety and your family by being prepared at all times. Having a hygiene kit close by will undoubtedly come in handy. Ensure your hygiene kit is packed with enough face masks, hand sanitizers, antibacterial wipes, soap, and a few bottles of water.

Most importantly, avoiding crowded places will be of substantial benefit to you and your family. If you find yourself in the same room or space with someone unvaccinated or not wearing a face mask, ensure the room's ventilation is adequate. Opening a window is an additional precaution that will promote air circulation.

Whether you’re traveling overseas, or you’re planning a trip around your city, these tips will help keep you safe as you travel during the pandemic.

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