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June 4, 2021

Happy Friday friends! Today I am excited to share with y'all about a new exciting thing that I will be adding to the blog! You can see on the side of the blog where it now has a section entitled "shop the feed" which will be highlighting different instagram posts that you can shop or posts on here! I have received this question a lot over the years on how to do this and I am excited to show a way to easily shop the things I mention or tag!

Also... THANK YOU. Thank you so much of your continued support over 8+ years of Caravan Sonnet and all of the ways that you support this business aspect of mine here on the blog. The way that you have continuously been so supportive of this space has truly been a blessing and I am excited to continue to grow here and continue to connect with you here in this community. 

If you wish to support Caravan Sonnet through the LikeToKnowIt App/Reward Style please try to shop through the links. It will cost you nothing extra, but I will receive a tiny commission which is a blessing, especially in this season. 

So how does this work if you are not familiar with it? Please keep reading...

How To Shop My Posts with Like to know it | How To Use | Fashion Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog discusses how to use

First- you may be wondering what is RewardStyle is an affiliate network that connects retailers with influencers/bloggers through a shoppable platform called When someone in this community purchases a product through one of my affiliate links, I make a small commission from the purchase. This is similar to what a store clerk would make should they sell you something in store. AGAIN, this does not cost you anything additional or extra. It’s essentially giving me a small amount of credit for referring you to the retailer.

Now say you go to the retailer’s page after looking at a particular product only to find they don’t have your size. Instead, you shop around and buy a few other items from the same retailer. I still get credit for any purchases you make on that retailer’s page because I was the ultimate reason you went to them in the first place and they are essentially giving a "thank you" to me for doing so. This is something that is a real blessing to me and I so appreciate all of the support! 

As this is new to the blog, I do plan to eventually add in a page that shares all different places where I shop, but for now I appreciate your support! 

Something that is important to note: if you see something in a post or on instagram that you like there is something key to remember. If you see something on your phone and go to your computer, then go directly to the retailer’s site without using one of my links I will not get credit for the sale. Similarly, if you purchase something in store, I will not get the credit because the retailer has no way to track it back to me. So, to give me credit, you always have to purchase through one of my links! I have received so many messages about this and it is really important to note.

You may be wondering why I am choosing to add this part of "business" to the blog. This is something that I have considered for years and with the way that travel has been affected in the past two years, I have been looking for different ways to source income from the blog while supporting businesses that I am passionate about. 

Several years ago I wrote a post on what it looks like to be a full time blogger (you can read more HERE), and it does incur expenses (technical costs, security, domain fees, etc.) so I know that it may seem that bloggers are just "trying to get money", but in reality we are working to help keep our businesses going through this type of support. SO thank you!!

Learn how to shop below!

How To Shop My Posts with Like to know it | How To Use | Fashion Blogger Lauren Meyer of the Lo Meyer Blog discusses how to use

How to shop my posts:

  1. Download the FREE app (available for both iPhone and Android!) or sign up online HERE
    1. Follow me in the app – my outfits will then instantly be available to you along with content I post exclusively to the app (sale items, try-ons etc).
  2. From the blog:
    1. Head to my “Shop My Feed” Tab found on the side bar. From there you can go to shopping outfits from my Instagram or Instagram Stories
    2. Head to the “Shop My Feed” tab before heading to your favorite retailer so anything you buy from their site will give me credit!
    3. Click any product link within a post which will also give me credit!
  3. On Instagram:
    1. After downloading the App and following me (found HERE), you will then be able to “like” or “screenshot” any of my posts where you see the hashtag “liketkit” in the caption and all of my outfit details will be sent to your email or the app within 5 minutes (you have the option to opt out of emails if you prefer!)
    2. You can also always message me on Instagram or email ( and I can send you direct links to the products I’m posting!

A word on what I link – I will always link the EXACT product I’m wearing as well as any bags, jewelry or makeup. If the product is sold out, I will link a close match from a retailer I personally buy from or have tried on in the past. I will never promote a product I wouldn’t personally buy. And, I will always try to get near the original price point of the product I’m wearing (or cheaper!)

Again, thank you so much for all of your support of Caravan Sonnet! You are truly a blessing friends!! Happy Friday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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