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Kennicott Glacier // Kennicott, Alaska

Caravan Sonnet Blog
Happy Tuesday friends! I hope that you are having a wonderful day! Today I am excited to share a little bit about the Kennicott Glacier in Kennicott, Alaska. If you are wondering at the spelling of Kennicott with an "i" today and missed my post from yesterday about the different spellings of Kennicott/ Kennecott then you can find it HERE

The Kennicott Glacier is a glacier that is "across" from the Kennicott Glacier Lodge (which we stayed at and I will share more about later this week). The glacier, which is "across the street" is located in the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and is truly a unique and magnificent site, albeit different then what some visitors may expect. 
Caravan Sonnet Blog
We arrived in the early evening and didn't get a chance to really look at the glacier before we were taken into dinner quickly so when I snapped the picture above the evening at started to come. I admit that after experiencing the glaciers of Holgate Glacier and Worthington Glacier (from last year) I was a little shocked... because it was all brown. 

This definitely sounds silly if you are from Alaska, but being from outside of Alaska and having only experienced glaciers that were white/blueish this was a bit of a shock and also added to the wild and free unique concept that comes with being in Kennicott/McCarthy. 
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Caravan Sonnet Blog
Caravan Sonnet Blog
The next morning as we explored Kennicott, I marveled at the look of this wild and free place with this Kennicott Glacier that has sadly been receding for many years. Despite this it continues to be a really amazing view as it stretches all the way from Mount Blackburn to the Kennicott River. 
Caravan Sonnet Blog
If you decide to stay in McCarthy you can walk to the head of the Kennicott Glacier in a realtive easy distance as it is only about 1.5 miles away. As you can see in the pictures above we were really blessed by the beautiful weather and the clear skies so we were able to see lots of views which included Mt. Blackburn, Mt. Rime, etc. 

There was something so wild and free about this section of Alaska and the different looking mountains and glacier just added to the entire experience that is known from this area. If you have any questions about it please let me know