Vacation Packing Made Simple: Easy Ways To Look Stylish On Every Trip

June 28, 2021

 Some of us love packing because it means there’s a trip in the pipeline but for others, making plans for what to wear on vacation can be challenging. If you struggle to get inspired, or you tend to end up packing too much for every break, here are some tips to help you make packing a breeze and ensure you look fabulous. 

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Creating a capsule wardrobe

If you’re limited when it comes to space in a suitcase or weight restrictions, the golden rule is to design a capsule wardrobe before you go on vacation. The idea of a capsule collection is to build around basics and essentials to create a host of different looks using the same staples and a few statement pieces. Before you start thinking about what you want to take with you, consider the destination, the weather forecast and the itinerary you have planned. This will help you determine which kinds of outfits you need. From city breaks and beach escapes to romantic getaways and adventures in the great outdoors, you can adjust your wardrobe to suit the occasion. 

When putting your vacation wardrobe together, start with the essentials. For a city break in the summer, for example, it’s an excellent idea to pack light, comfortable, chic dresses and maxi or midi skirts you can throw on an instant, comfortable shoes for walking tours and sightseeing, and lightweight layers to keep you warm after sunset. Once you have the basics sorted, you can add a couple of statement pieces to make your outfits pop and cater to special occasions. If you’re going out for dinner or drinks straight after a day of activities, for example, add a pair of wedges and jewelry and a colored or patterned blazer or jacket. You can mix and match vests, camis and t-shirts with skirts, shorts and dresses to put a new look together every day without paying for extra luggage. 


Accessorizing is one of the simplest and most effective ways to switch up your look on vacation without taking a huge suitcase or packing your entire closet. With accessories such as jewelry, hats, designer eyewear and bags, you can elevate understated pieces of clothing and transform outfits to take them from beach to bar effortlessly. Consider a basic tee and a simple, cotton maxi skirt. For a sunset drink after a day at the beach, swap flip flops for heeled sandals, add a collar necklace and replace a straw beach bag with a smart clutch. 

Planning in advance

Some people love packing and they know exactly what they want to wear before they go away. If you tend to leave it until the last minute, or you find it hard to decide what to wear, take some time before you go away to plan ahead. Go through your closet, take a trip to some stores and boutiques or browse online, and try outfits on. Be open-minded, have fun with fashion and mix and match different styles and pieces to come up with new looks. 

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Do you dread packing for a vacation, or do you struggle when it comes to deciding what to wear when you get to your destination? If you have a trip planned, hopefully, this guide will make packing quick and easy and ensure you look and feel great. 

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