How To Step Off A Long Flight Looking Great

May 7, 2021


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Any long journey can leave you feeling, and looking, if not at your worst, then certainly not at your best. Plane journeys are especially bad mainly because of the poor air quality. There’s also the fact that there’s limited room to move, particularly if you’re flying economy. Even so, there are strategies you can use to ensure you step off a long flight looking (and feeling) great.

Make sure you inform the airline of your dietary preferences

This is very simple but it’s also very easy to overlook. If you book in advance, you generally have to reconfirm nearer your departure date. Make sure that you double-check any dietary preferences have been recorded.  

You might also want to bring some permitted food with you just in case. Hunger doesn’t make for good flights and it does nothing for your appearance.

Keep hydrated

If you’re traveling with an airline that still offers free alcohol, stay away from it. Being on an airplane is dehydrating enough. The good news is that the idea of coffee and tea being dehydrating is, largely, a myth. Most airlines also have a choice of other soft drinks so you don’t usually have to stick to water.

Lavish on the moisturizer

Moisture is the key to keeping yourself looking great even on a long flight. Hydration is basically getting moisture into your body. Moisturizing beauty products are the way to get it onto your body.  

Sheet face masks are great for airplanes because they can give you a real deep-down moisturizing treatment in a travel-friendly format. Then follow up with regular moisturizer. While you’re awake, mist your face (and hands) periodically for yet more moisturizer.

Make sure that all your beauty products are still within their expiration period. If you don’t travel a lot (or haven’t traveled a lot recently), you may be tempted just to use up old products. Resist the temptation. Expiration dates are there for a reason. Ignore them and you could wind up with a referral to Genesis Diagnostics.

Pamper your eyes and ears

A high-quality eye mask puts you in control of when you sleep. In fact, it may make the difference between whether or not you actually get any sleep. Similar comments apply to earplugs. Airlines are unlikely to let the noise get to volumes when it would actually damage your hearing. Nonetheless, their idea of tolerable noise levels may be very different from yours.

Similarly, you might want to bring along your own headphones. They’re probably going to be more efficient and more comfortable than anything you’ll get on a plane.

Relax and get cozy

If you’re going on a long flight, choose clothes with plenty of stretch in them. The fashion-forward side of athleisure is generally the best option. This isn’t just about being comfortable, it’s also about your safety. Basically, you want to make it as easy as possible for your circulation to keep working effectively.

Layer up because temperatures can change a lot. Ideally, bring your own blanket. These days you can get ones that fold up really small. They can do a lot for your ability to get some beauty sleep.

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