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Thursday Health Thoughts - Better Sleep: Mattress Ideas

January 24, 2013

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(Originally Written January 24, 2013, UPDATED- January 10, 2015)

Happy Saturday Friends! Today I wanted to share some of the BEST purchases that I have made in regards to my mattress. We all know how important sleep is when dealing with a Chronic Illness or Chronic Pain but we all probably have horror stories for how difficult sleep can be! Today and next Saturday I wanted to share some "better sleep ideas" with you in hopes that this will be help for a key area of our lives!

When I was first diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I had several people suggest to me that buying a Tempur-Pedic mattress was the best way to go. I would have liked to agree but did not have the money for that type of purchase. *smiles* At the same time though I knew that it was important to find some answers for me and after researching for several months I found some solutions that have been well worth the time and money for right now (or for a permanent solution!). 

First, the mattress that I am using is a firm mattress which was purchased at an outlet store for a reasonable price. Due to some of my health issues it was important that the mattress be firm, but unfortunately it was too rough to sleep on. So that brought me to the second step. 

Second, I decided that I would purchase two comforters to put a small barrier between the mattress and the next step. I found two older comforters that my family was about to throw out so instead of purchasing some I put those on top of the mattress. (I should note that I have now replaced this step as you will read below!)

Third, as I continued to do research I kept reading more and more about memory foam. There are many expensive options out there and I may eventually "up" my 1 inch memory foam mattress topper to get "extra" thickness. (I have found memory foam mattresses up to 5 inches thick!) Unfortunately with the thickness comes an extra price tag and as I searched I was getting concerned that I wouldn't be able to benefit from one if I didn't purchase an expensive one. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I found one at Target for a fraction of a cost. I spent $19.99 (for a queen) and it has provided a wonderful amount of support ( 3 years and counting!). If you are interested, here is the one that I purchased: Target Memory Foam 

Fourth, I knew that I would still need more softness along with the comforters and memory foam. After researching a variety of different options I decided to spend money on a down alternative mattress topper. There are so many different options for this (that are quite expensive!) but as I researched and watched for sales I was able to get one at a really good price on sale. I spent approximately $70.00 (on sale) for a queen Down Alternative Mattress TopperThese could potentially last a long time but because I spend close to 18-20 hours in bed a day due to illness I have found that I need to purchase a new one every year. Currently I replaced the two older comforters and have used this as more padding which has been fantastic. 

These steps have truly given me the opportunity to rest better and sleep better. What kind of mattress do you use? What types of adjustments have you made to your mattress to sleep better? 

Stay tuned next week for "Better Sleep Ideas- General Ideas"!

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